Bryan and Kari Lape, the parents of Brayden Lape, were thrilled to see him finish in the top five on The Voice. The Lapes are from Michigan.

After a sixteen-year-old sophomore from Grass Lake High School advanced to the final five lineups, Grass Lake is set to get its first local superstar.

Even though he is the youngest contestant, his voice is no joke, as evidenced by the fact that he was selected as the fourth finalist in the middle of the live broadcast.

Eight competitors competed in the semifinals since it was their last chance to take home the title. The singers didn’t forget to bring it because a recording deal with Universal Music Group and $100,000 were on the line.

The judges were stunned by the teen’s performance of Brett Young’s In Case You Didn’t Know, and host Carson Daly announced him to have passed the test. The public will only learn on December 12 if he walks away with the cash.

Are Gwen And Blake Coach Parents To Brayden Lape?
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Who Are Brayden Lape’s Parents?

Brayden Lape, a contestant on The Voice season 22, would not have progressed as far in the competition without the help of his parents, Bryan and Kari Lape.

Furthermore, they have been standing by his side since he first performed This Town by Niall Horan in a blind audition.

The judges were already captivated by his charming country touch on the songs while his family nervously awaited the results from the sidelines.

His family arrived to hug him, and his sister was on the verge of tears when it came time for the verdict.

When singer John Legend inquired about his family to find out whether there were other artists, they responded that they were a sporting family.

Even Brayden, who played quarterback for the team, was skilled in baseball, basketball, and football.

As the Coivd regulations halted all training during the pandemic, he started singing. He picked up a guitar out of boredom and began playing cover songs.

After a few gigs and performances, he started writing to record his debut album the following year.

The behind-the-scenes video showing the entire family crammed into the rear seat was demonstrated after his triumphal entry into the reality show.

They all grinned and appeared to accept his fate. A casual conversation turned into a zoom call with his mother, who urged him to apply to the show virtually.

They waited patiently for a few months before receiving a call from Los Angeles telling them they could fly to the blind auditions.

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He is currently one of the leading candidates for the championship for the twenty-second season, and the rest is history.

His mother was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet his coach Blake Shelton at practice, and he did not fail to convey his appreciation for her.

He missed his friends and home because of the lengthy trip, but they sent him their love from another state.

The boy’s neighborhood has come together to support him, although father Bryan is still in awe of his accomplishments.

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Are Gwen And Blake Coach Parents To Brayden Lape?

As singers Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani did not hesitate to claim the Coach parent title, family transcends blood ties.

When fifteen-year-old Brayden took the stage for his blind auditions, the trio first met two months ago. Blake was intrigued when he heard him sing, and his singing style struck a chord with him.

Bake Shelton complied with Camilla Cabello’s wishes and encouraged her to press the red buzzer. Stefani immediately regretted missing out on such a cute trainee after all four chairs had turned.

She thanked her husband for acting quickly and pressing the button to stop him from slipping by.

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According to NBC, the Havana singer praised him and declared that his voice was ideal for radio, predicting his lengthy and successful career.

John Legend, known for the song All of You, also joined in, complimenting the young man’s voice and threatening to steal him away from Blake.

Given that she and her partner claimed to be his coach’s parents and were the same age as his mother, Gwen offered him the required assistance.

She took on the role of his mother and allayed his concerns because her dad also came from his hometown.

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