Are Alexa And Brennon Still Together? Age Difference, Jobs and Career

Three-season love is blind contestants Alexa and Brennon are still together as of 2022.

Each season’s first episode of Love is Blind features at least one engaged couple who has recently fallen in love. Season three’s candidates are Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia.

They have a 50/50 chance of succeeding if they choose to emulate one of the Love Is Blind couples that got engaged first in the first two seasons of the program. Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, the first couple to get involved in Season 1, are still together.

However, Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl, the pair from Season 2, did divorce in August 2022. If Alexa and Brennon decide to stay together, they might be the couple to establish the trend.

Alexa And Brennon
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To learn more about Alexa And Brennon’s age difference and dating life, continue reading the article below.

Are Alexa And Brennon Still Together?

The fact that none of Alexa and Brennon’s Instagram accounts shows the other, even though they are still dating, helps to keep their relationship a secret.

Alexa & Brennon, who proclaimed their love for one another at the show’s beginning, were one of the first couples to become engaged in Love Is Blind season three. However, we cannot detect any bands on their fingers in their Instagram photos, which may indicate a romantic relationship.

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Brennon overhears Alexa complaining to him about her family’s frequent disparaging remarks and abusive language. But, on the other hand, Brennan isn’t used to that because he hails from a more traditional family.

Furthermore, there isn’t any public information concerning their connections online. Even though a lot of fans think they both broke up because of personal issues.

Are Alexa and Brennon Engaged?

Alexa and Brennon are the first engaged couple from season three of Love Are Blind. It’s hard to understand their chemistry, even when they’re engaged.

They liked each other when they first met and decided to exchange engagement rings. However, Alexa claims that to maintain the experiment’s “blind” nature, they choose to keep their physical attributes a secret from one another.

However, Alexa and Brennon are ecstatic to meet and see one other’s faces finally. The initial obstacle has been overcome. We now understand a little more about Alexa, and Brennon’s position in light of the conclusion of Love Is Blind.

Even though all couples spend nearly 10 days in the pods before the meeting, Brennon and Alexa assert that they fell in love just a few days before.

Age differences between Brennon and Alexa

Alexa and Brennon are one year apart based on their respective birth dates. Despite the picture making them look like they were the same age,

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux will be 29 and 30, respectively, as of 2022. They both signed up for Love Is Blind to find their soul match.

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They could go right into their shared love of food without awkward pauses before letting the topic naturally move to their family/heritage.

Brennon, a 30-year-old enterprise coach from Israel, enjoys eating Shakshouka, a dish she makes, and their shared experience in the kitchen helps to fortify their bond.

Jobs and Career for Alexa Alifa and Brennon Lemieux

Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alifa, two television celebrities, recently participated in season three of Love Is Blind.

Referring to Alex is both a social media influencer and a model. She has worked with many local clothing brands. In addition, she routinely uploads pictures to her social media profiles that show her travelling and discovering new places.

As of October 20, 2022, Alifa had 2,889 Followers, 628 Followings, and 193 Posts on her official Instagram account. Her most recent post on relationships was published on October 5.

Brennon is a TV personality who, as of 2022, has not disclosed his job title or income source. Brennon was interested in studying chemistry after high school, but before that, in 2008, he completed an Air Force Academy Prep Course at the New Mexico Military Institute.

Brennon attended Midwestern State University from 2009 to 2011 to get a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemistry. In 2016, Brennon graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

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