Annie Maynard Husband: Ben Gurton Bio, Wikipedia, Family, And Married Life Details

The husband of Annie Maynard, Ben Gurton, is a prominent independent musician. Ben started working as a music teacher in January 1998.

One of Australia’s most gifted actors is the attractive partner of a superb musician. Having worked actively in the entertainment sector since 2005, Annie has contributed to several well-known projects.

Her breakthrough project was the 2005 addition to the All Saints television series, which debuted in 1998. She appeared in just one episode of the show as the brief character Misty Browne.

Despite having minimal screen time, she proved her acting talent in that series, and as a result, she went on to land other lead roles as well as significant ones in the future.

One of Australia’s most well-known and successful actresses, she has subsequently made 22 different appearances.

Annie Maynard
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Annie Maynard Husband: Ben Gurton Bio And Wikipedia

Annie Maynard is married to Ben Gurton, a seasoned Australian music educator and composer. Ben Gurton started writing and producing music in January 2010 but he is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

The performer, who is from Sydney, New South Wales, is without a doubt among the best musicians the country has to offer. He is a master trombonist and knows how to play other instruments.

In his third year of school, Ben witnessed the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra play Meet The Orchestra, which ignited his love for music.

He was immediately enthralled by the music and anxious to master the trombone’s fundamentals because the musician thought it was the fascinating instrument.

He thus started taking music lessons after he entered fifth grade. Ben was so dedicated to playing the piano that he sometimes played notes that were not proper for a year five student.

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His successful musical career, which has had few low points since it began, was launched as a result. He obtained his music bachelor’s degree from the University of Adelaide in 1997 and started working as a freelance musician immediately.

Ben managed two medical practices in addition to being their owner. With the help of a staff of eleven, he was in charge of daily operations and made sure that all council and medical rules were followed to the letter.

But after 19 months in the job, he quit and put all of his attention on improving his musical skills.

Ben Gurton Married Life

A love story as compelling as Annie and Ben’s can only be found in fairy tales and movies. The actress and her partner first met when she went to his concert in her 12th year as a fan.

She had been booed a lot that day, and she felt bad about how she looked because the alcohol had made her unable to act properly. Nonetheless, they got to know one another, and by the time she was 18 they were even dating.

After that, Annie informed her intended spouse that they couldn’t be married because of her exams. For nearly five years, the young man didn’t get in touch with her out of respect for her privacy.

By the grace of God, the couple reconnected while Annie was a third-year student at Sydney’s NIDA. When she reached 25 in 2007, they quickly started dating, and this time Ben wasted no time in asking her to marry him.

They got married on April 20, 2007, in front of their friends and family. They have been married for 15 years and have a 7-year-old son named Toby.

Annie Maynard Family

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When Annie Maynard was a child, her parents, her grandfather, and she made up her family. Annie Maynard is the only kid her parents had.

The actress received her parents’ utmost care and attention in a controlled environment. In a 2019 interview with SMH, she said that her parents met at the university where they both taught.

After a few years of dating, they made the decision to get married. The family was surprised to find that Bill, Annie’s grandfather, had experienced a stroke and had become paralyzed on one side of his body after the wonderful news had traveled around the family.

The newlyweds took Bill under their wing and started taking care of him. However, because the facilities and services in a nursing home were far better, he ultimately had to receive care there.

Annie, who was born in Australia, had the chance to spend some of her formative years abroad.

Due to her father’s job, the family had to move to Canada, but when little Annie was diagnosed with asthma, her mother and her hurried back to their home country.

Because he couldn’t manage being by himself in a new country, her father completed his work as soon as possible and eventually joined the family in Australia.

Currently, she is married, and her family is expanding. She is in love with him. As was previously mentioned, Ben is an excellent musician, and they have been together for more than 20 years.

The couple’s eight-year-old son, Tobey, attends primary school in Australia. The couple’s dog, Chester, occasionally appears on the actress’ Instagram page.

More About Annie Maynard

Annie Maynard plays Yvette in the Australian romantic comedy Colin. The program premiered on Binge on December 1, 2022.

In the book, two characters run into one another in a peculiar setting. The show’s main character, Gordon, is portrayed as a man in his forties who has faced various challenges.

Ashley, a different leading lady who recently called it quits with her ex, is strangled in a related incident. They encounter one other as they deal with their mundane everyday issues, and this interaction results in situations that cause onlookers to giggle and drop to the floor.

Gordon spots Ashley on the sidewalk as he passes the location where the story begins. She funnily responds to him, and he smashes the car into a poor puppy.

After all of this, they choose to treat the dog, but they first need to request a favor from Yvette. No one else but the talented actress Annie Maynard plays this part.

It just so happens to be Yvette, Gordon’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he still has a lot of conflict. Also, even though they were not close, he had to ask her for help, which led to many funny situations for the audience.

Annie, who appeared in three episodes, had one of the most important supporting roles on the series. The show has more than 8 IMDb ratings and is still in high demand despite only being available for around 45 days.

Every episode of this Australian rom-com can be seen at once by anybody in the world because the platform has no regional restrictions.

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