South Australian jockey player Anna Jordsjo is a professional. However, the teenage athlete has cemented her place among Australia’s top jockey players with more than 25 victories.

Two riders were punished for misbehaving in January 2021 after fighting and using obscene words toward one another in the dressing room for female jockeys. The stewards launched an investigation following an argument between Caitlin Jones and Anna Jordsjo after completing the G & J Civil Handicap event.

Additionally, South Australian teenager Jordsjo, who rode with Josh Cartwright and was accused of reckless riding in the now-famous final race in Adelaide last Saturday, suffered a serious fall while working on the track in Morphettville in 2017.

Anna Jordsjo Partner, Dating Life and Relationship Details
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Anna Jordsjo Partner Explored

Josh Cartwright, another of her jockey partners, trained Anna Jordsjo. For some time, he has known her and has shown her every step in the right direction. Cartwright was also a romantic partner of the two because he was her first.

However, a mishap resulted in Jordsjo falling from the horse in January 2017. She was promptly taken by ambulance to the adjacent Flinders Hospital. Fortunately, she did not experience any serious health problems from the incident during a typical trackwork session. Jordsjo was then immediately released.

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Johan Petzer, the chief caretaker, acknowledged the occurrence and announced that Jordsjo would refrain from riding for a few days or so out of caution. In addition, she requires bed rest if she exhibits any residual concussion symptoms.

Jordsjo’s partner Cartwright was accused of reckless riding. After his ride Senior Council fired cannons at Go the Journey and House of Wax, ruining their prospects of success. He admits to being wrong. As a result, he is prohibited from mounting a horse for 18 months.

Five Details Related To Anna Jordsjo Dating Life and Relationship

1. Jockey Anna Jordsjo, of Norwegian descent, has confirmed her engagement with Jason Fantasia. Currently, they are formally engaged. She officially announced the news by uploading a picture of Jason popping the question to her on a mountain to her Instagram account, along with the caption “This holiday keeps getting better and better.” with the hashtag “#isaidyes.”

2. Jason and Jordsjo have been together for a time. She began dating him soon after her relationship with her rider partner Josh Cartwright ended because he purposefully collided with other horses on a race track, injuring Jordsjo due to falling from the horse.

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3. Josh Cartwright, his ex-boyfriend, is a professional Supercross racer. Memphis, Tennessee native Cartwright learned to ride a motorcycle before most other kids could even ride a regular bike.

4. The jockey discovered a new lover in the form of Jason Fantasia while on the run after her ex’s 18-month riding suspension. Cartwright was fired due to her unusual behavior on the field and his unneeded assistance. I can win my race, the 26-year-old remarked later.

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5. Traveling the globe with her new partner Jason Anna Jordsjo. She makes sure to share her memorable moments with him in the form of photographs with her online followers on Instagram. For example, she shared a photo of the couple visiting the Colosseum in Italy on August 5.

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