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The BBC program now has a new freelance conservator, Angelina Bakalarou, Repair Shop. Angelina’s nine years of experience as a paper conservator are extensive.

She made a guest appearance in a recent episode, and viewers are curious about her past. In the most recent episode of Season 11 (episode 14), you may have observed a new woman waiting for her new assignment.

Angelina Jolie, herself. Let’s find out who the new specialist is on our favourite program everyone’s talking about online.

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Angelina Bakalarou On The Repair Shop

In the last episode, Angelina Bakalarou serves as The Repair Shop’s paper conservator. A standing ovation greeted Angelina Bakalarou’s performance.

She attempts an early 20th-century crayon portrait. To save time, many Victorian portraitists would paint directly over an enlarged image of the sitter.

The image shows David’s great-grandmother, a robust and influential woman. David’s son William understands what it’s like to be profoundly deaf like Mary Fletcher was when she had eight children.

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William is deaf, but he takes pride in his independence and has never let it stop him, just like his great-grandmother did. The family needs the fragile, peeling portrait to be preserved, displayed, and debated.

Many people have expressed how much they enjoyed this one. That’s why cheering for Angelina was so essential. She has surpassed any other fictional TV figure in popularity.

People have been trying to find her in large numbers since her abilities were displayed on the show. Her Instagram account is @angelina back if you’re interested in connecting with her there. Regrettably, it’s a closed account.

Paper Conservator: for my conservation exploits, follow @theconservators,” it reads on her profile page, which boasts over 500 followers. Anyone interested in art would like this account’s posts.

Angelina Bakalarou’s Career

Angelina has worked in art preservation for five years, specializing in conserving paper and paintings. Ashleigh joins her in her gallery as a companion.

She earned her degree from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens in conserving antiques and works of art. She started school in 2005 and graduated with a 6.3 cumulative grade point average.

She’s been working alongside Ashleigh at ‘The Conservators since 2018. They have both established themselves as leading conservators in the private and governmental sectors.

While attending the University of London for their master’s degrees in the conservation of works on paper, they crossed paths in Camberwell.

This conservator is dedicated to preserving paintings on canvas and other works on paper via careful intervention and preventative conservation techniques.

They are just as much if the client is a multi-billionaire or a middle-class family wanting to keep their photo album safe.

She has previous experience working as a project conservator for “The National.” She did this for about four years before being promoted to manager after nearly five years with the same employer.

She has now learned enough from her past experiences to become an expert at “the Repair Shop.” Her debut show aired on BBC1 at 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, January 19.

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