On August 22, 2015, Andy Mapple, a legendary waterskier, was thought to have passed away from a heart attack.

In contrast to mountain biker Rab Wardell, whose death was quickly attributed to a heart attack last week, Andy’s was a long time in coming.

Andy Mapple is to water skiing what Lionel Messi or Michael Jordan are to football. One of the best waterskiers to ever compete in international competitions was Mapple.

Even though the waterskier made the trip to Seoul in 1988, waterskiing was not added as an Olympic sport. A year after his retirement, the legend passed tragically at 52 in his Florida home. The American native of Britain didn’t even enjoy the water.

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Andy Mapple Quick Facts

Full NameAndy Mapple
Age52(at the time of death)
Date of BirthNovember 3, 1962
DeathAugust 22, 2015
Spouse’s NameDeena Brush Mapple
Children2(Michael and Elyssa)
Cause of DeathSuspected Heart Attack

Did Andy Mapple Die Of A Heart Attack? 

The waterskier Andy Mapple is believed to have died after a heart attack, according to The Time UK. The fact that the media kept silent for a long period regarding Andy Mapple’s passing is presumably because Andy’s family requested seclusion.

Andy didn’t take the same path as many sports legends who gave up on their bodies after retiring. Andy was a healthy 52-year-old man before the incident that caused his death.


As a result, many waterski enthusiasts were shocked by this news and puzzled as to how a fit man like Andy Mapple could have passed away so suddenly.

Before his death in 2015, Andy Mapple won the World Championship six times.

Andy Mapple Cause Of Death – How Did Andy Mapple Die? 

Although many people still don’t know the precise cause of Andy Mapple’s death, it was reportedly a probable heart attack.

The three members of Andy’s family—his wife, two kids, and grandchildren—decided to maintain silence.

Denna Brush Mapple, a world-class waterskier like her husband, was the spouse that Andy had married.

Andy Mapple, a legend in his field, was shown with his wife Deena, son Michael, and daughter Elyssa. Yet, he had few worries in life.

In 1987, the two exchanged vows and became parents twice, the first time with their son Michael and the second time with their daughter Elyssa.

Andy Mapple’s Net Worth

Andy Mapple, a waterskier, had a net worth of up to $1.5 million at the time of his passing. With 23 years of experience under his belt and a long list of victories, Andy Mapple earned an average of $100,000 to $125,000 annually.

GOAT: Andy Mapple won the World Championship six times before his passing in 2015
( Source : alchetron )

It is a rather little sum for a legendary sport, but this is the waterskiing world. Waterski is a notoriously lucrative sport because many amateur competitors rarely make any money at all.

Many waterskiers do not even receive scholarship money and are unable to pay for their competition or training costs.

FAQs Related To Andy Mapple

How old was Andy Mapple when he passed away?

Andy Mapple was 52 years of age.

How many world championship titles did Andy Mapple have?

Andy Mapple had six world championships to his name.

How many US championships did Andy Mapple have?

The legendary water skier had won four US championships in his entire lifetime.

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