Andrew Huberman is heavily inked, covering his hands, chest, and back. Learn what they mean and why he is keeping them a secret.

Popularly recognized as the voice behind the Huberman Lab podcast, Andrew is a tenured associate professor of neurology at Columbia University in the United States.

He is the head of the psychiatry and behavioral science division at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Beyond the classroom, he is well-known for his research on brain maturation, plasticity, and neural regeneration.

Despite his impressive resume, his popularity as a biology-savvy podcast presenter has brought him the most attention from the general public.

His podcast discusses numerous topics linked to human health and interviews experts on the subject. As a result, many people were taken aback when they learned that a health-conscious individual had several tattoos.

The photo of his inked hands has gone viral on the internet and has sparked widespread interest in the symbolic significance of such designs. Is Andrew covered in tattoos, and if so, how many does he have?

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Meaning Of Andrew Huberman’s Tattoos

Andrew Huberman’s tattoos are meaningful to him since he has tattooed his dogs, birds, and other pets and personal items onto his body.

When he has discussed them, it has always been made clear that the tattoo represents an inner state of mind. But he also mentioned that he got his first tattoo when he was just 14 years old.

Some people may act hastily and without giving it much thought. Nonetheless, he attributes meaning to certain patterns more than others.

He feels very strongly about his dog, Costello, as seen by the large tattoo of the dog’s paw on his back. Similar to the photo of his current dog on the back, he also has one of his former pets on there.

In addition, he has designs on his back that have special meanings. Andrew has yet to open out about those reasons.

In addition to having meaningless tattoos covering both hands, the podcast host also has full-sleeve tattoos on his arms.

He was motivated to get them after seeing a gang of local lads known as Yahtzee boys wearing full sleeves and imitating their style.

They were decent dudes who shared an interest in skating and motorcars. They inspired him; like them, he was inked at a young age.

Which Parts Of His Body Is Covered With Tattoos?

Andrew Huberman’s wrists, chest, and upper back are heavily tattooed. His arms and hands are covered with them, but his face, neck, ribs, stomach, and legs are clear.

He has a complete sleeve of raptor artwork. He has tattoos of red-tailed hawks and bluebirds and is fond of reading reports. When he was asked about it during the interview, he said he had no dragon designs.

Image Source: EverOut

He has painted elaborate designs and patterns on his chest and back, but he has only shown us glimpses of them. From his collarbones to his wrists, he is covered with them.

Andrew Huberman Hide His Tattoos: Find The Reason

Andrew Huberman covers over his tattoos so that others won’t stare at him. In addition, he prefers to keep the significance of his tattoos under wraps.

Due to his prominent status, he is frequently the subject of attention, such as in classroom settings or podcast episodes.

He explained that he didn’t want people to be distracted from what he was saying or teaching by his tattoos, so he disguised them.

Because he is committed to his study, he constantly wears long sleeves to avoid ink on his body. He has also mentioned that his body arts contain personal knowledge and emotional experiences.

Because of this, he avoids situations in which he must flash and explain things to others. The speaker also mentioned the stigma attached to those who get tattoos.

Significant changes have occurred, yet many individuals may still shy away from expert professions that sport visible tattoos. Thus, the Huberman Lab host conceals his tattoos for various reasons and points of view.

Why Does Andrew Huberman Have Tattoos On His Face And Neck?

Andrew Huberman explained why he does not desire facial or neck tattoos from a neurological perspective. He claimed that a tattoo alters how others see the look, even a minor one on the neck or face.

This occurs because the Fusiform Gyrus, a specialized brain region responsible for processing faces, gives rise to a novel viewpoint on features that are otherwise non-standard in the human face. It conflicts with the typical methods of recognizing a person’s face.

In addition, he mentioned that a large tattoo on one’s neck might give the impression of another mouth being present, influencing one’s thought process in a new direction. But he has no prejudice towards those who paint their faces and necks.

Despite not wanting any on his own body, he is aware of and accepts the existence of those who do so, and he does not have any strong feelings about them.

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