Andrej Stojakovic: Peja Stojakovic Son With Wife Aleka Kamila

NBA player Peja Stojakovic and Aleka Kamila are the parents of Andrej Stojakovic.

The NBA players Andrej grew up around taught him about free space and the importance of distributing the ball to the open man. He can also alter his pace and play in the paint or on the wings.

Andrej Stojakovic
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Andrej Stojakovic Parents: Peja Stojakovic And Aleka Kamila

Son of NBA all-star Peja Stojakovic, Andrej Stojakovic is a gifted shot-maker with a wide variety of three-pointers, pull-ups, and step-backs in his toolbox.

When he is most at ease in the mid-post and from mid-range, he may take use of his positional height to open up space and score over less athletic opponents.

He will have multiple opportunities to attack close-outs despite not being naturally explosive. He may weaponize his handling more expertly in order to become a playmaker and acquire paint touches more swiftly.

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The stunning mother of Andrej, Aleka Kamila, is also an actress and model. The ultimate power couple in fashion and sports, she married her ex-NBA player husband in a gorgeous wedding.

On September 16, 2003, the two began dating. They had been dating for more than ten years at this point. The Greek-born beauty celebrated her first birthday on April 1.

She has appeared in commercials for Makis Tselios and Underwear. In addition to her modeling jobs, she also found time to act in the Greek movies Ola Paizoun and Na I Efkairia.

Like his model wife, the former NBA star is a citizen of Greece, but his citizenship has a heartwarming origin story. In what is now known as Pozega, Peja was born in Croatia.

The basketball player and his family left the war-torn nation of Yugoslavia when he was sixteen, and they ultimately made it to Greece.

A second shot at living a happy life was provided to the youngster, who exploited his physical prowess to further his job. Unfortunately, after being chosen by the Sacramento Kings in the 1996 NBA Draft, he was benched for two consecutive seasons.

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Age of Andrej Stojakovic

18-year-old basketball player Andrej Stojakovic, who is of Serbian and Greek descent, attends Sacramento’s Jesuit High School.

On August 17, 2004, Peja Stojakovic and Aleka Kamila gave birth to their son Andrej in Thessaloniki, Greece.

According to ESPN’s Top 100, Stojakovic is rated as a four-star newcomer in the Class of 2023, and high-major Division I teams have started making offers to him.

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At Jesuit High School in Sacramento, Stojakovic thrived as a junior, scoring 25.3 points and 9.3 rebounds per game.

Due to Stojakovic’s outstanding junior year and final AAU season, many high-major Division-I universities exhibited interest in him.

Despite being only 18 years old, Stojakovic has made significant progress in creating his career path and personal identity. Andrej made it known to Mirin Fader of The Ringer that he no longer wanted to be called “Peja’s kid.”

Fans may see a noticeable difference in Andrej’s performance because Peja has been his trainer ever since his perspective shifted in his first year.

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