American Rapper Rapper Polo G Arrested: His Viral Video Mouthing The Police Footage And Jail Sentenced

The authorities recently arrested rapper Polo G. His body camera footage showing him disparaging the police was rapidly shared online.

American rapper Polo G became well-known for his songs “Finer Things” and “Pop Out” (featuring Lil Tjay). Die a Legend’s 2019 debut album reached its apex at position six on the US Billboard 200.

According to police spokesperson Michael Vega, authorities are also looking into any threats made in response to the rapper’s arrest against individuals and places.

Polo’s third studio album, Hall of Fame (2021), became his first chart-topping record and his first number-one single, “Rapstar,” helped Bartlett maintain his popularity.

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American Rapper Polo G Arrested Video Leaked

Polo G was arrested in 2021, and Miami Police recently revealed body camera footage from that incident. It appears to have been a night the “RAPSTAR” would like to forget.

Polo, a rapper from Chicago, was detained shortly after the publication of his album “The Goat,” and both the police and the artist claim that they were treated unfairly.

Polo took anger management classes, which is why the later charges of Resisting an Officer Without Violence were dismissed; the freshly released video demonstrates why these sessions were probably required.

In a police cruiser, a police officer is using his computer when Polo yells at the officer off-camera about his decision to become a cop.

Polo then asserts in the video that he “blacked out” when the police first apprehended him; you can see him receiving medical attention as he makes this assertion.

Rapper Polo G Mouthing The Police Footage

Rapper Polo G made a lot of nasty remarks to the police officers, according to the widely shared police footage.

According to arrest records made available to the public by the Miami Police Department, Bartlett, 22, and other individuals were held early on Saturday in downtown Miami.

The rapper and the police got into a physical struggle at one point. According to one of the records, an officer trying to arrest Bartlett allegedly received many blows.

Records indicate that Bartlett acted violently when resisting arrest. After overhearing a passenger say that the car was bulletproof, a police officer ordered everyone to exit and be searched for weapons.

When Polo brings up the subject of a police officer being killed in the line of duty and leaving his children fatherless, the police officer initially seems to accept Polo’s remarks in stride.

Was Rapper Polo G Jail Sentenced?

According to TMZ, Polo G is no longer being held in connection with three of the five accusations that led to his arrest during a police check in June.

He’s put that horrible incident behind him for good. However, with the release of a brand-new song and an upcoming album with hip-hop track and BBL producer Southside, Polo has recently discovered a lot of “Distractions.”

Prosecutors allegedly dismissed two felony charges against the rapper for assaulting a police officer and endangering a public official, along with a misdemeanour charge of criminal mischief due to a lack of evidence.

In a video DJ Akademiks posted on Instagram, Polo G’s manager and mother, Stacia Mac, spoke to a group of uncooperative police officers in front of many police cruisers.

According to police spokesperson Michael Vega, authorities are also looking into any threats made in response to the rapper’s arrest against individuals and places.

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