Ambrose Kenny Smith Age, Biography, Wife, And Family Details

The 30-year-old protagonist of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Ambrose Kenny Smith, may be deceiving us with his youthful appearance.

His band formed in Melbourne, Victoria, in 2010. In Australia, he is a well-known musician. His well-known tunes include People-Vultures, Planet B, and Work This This Time.

The ensemble is renowned for its energetic performances and openness to experimenting with different genres. They frequently experiment with musical styles like heavy metal, progressive rock, garage rock, and psychedelic rock.

Each band member in Australia went to a separate school, either in Deniliquin, Melbourne, or Geelong. It was formerly merely a hastily assembled jam band.

Two singles with the titles Hey There/Anta and Bats and Sleep/Summer were among its earliest releases. The popularity of both singles contributed to the band’s increasing notoriety.

The group recently published three live albums for the year 2020. The albums were made available for download on Bandcamp with the understanding that all proceeds would be donated to the Australian Bush Fire. 

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How Old Is Ambrose Kenny Smith? His Age And Biography

Ambrose Kenny Smith, a vocalist and harmonica musician from Australia, is thirty years old. He was born in July 1992. Thus his 30th birthday will be in 2022.

The singer is well-known for being a part of the groups The Murlocs and King Gizzard, and the Lizard Wizard. He was reared in Preston after being born in Australia.

Since 2010, Smith has been actively involved in the music industry, and he has collaborated with labels, including Flightless and KGLW.

In addition to having great musical taste as a kid, he also wanted to work in the sector for the long haul. He was a great harmonica player when he was a teenager.

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He started playing in bands and kept doing so all through college. The Murlocs were created by him in the fall of 2010. He kept singing lead and continued to develop lyrics for the band.

The Lizard Wizard, King Gizzard, and a few of their mutual pals then joined him. The musician frequently writes songs based on his own experiences.

He claims there are albums that capture the interactions between his friends, family, kids, and parents. His songs are typically metaphorical and created from his own perspective.

He likes experimenting with novel ideas while also straying from his usual preferences. His two primary areas of writing interest are anxiety and mental health issues. He claims he’s simply drawn to a particular genre of music.

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Who Is Ambrose Kenny Wife? His Family Details

The parents of Kenny Smith are fashion designer Ambrose Louise Kenny and guitarist Broderick Smith. He credits his father, who reared him, with lighting the flame that ignited his passion for music.

Ambrose has had a passion for skating as well as singing and playing music since he was ten years old. He received sponsorship from Volcom, Stereo Skateboards, and Foundation Skateboards as a skateboarder.

Additionally, Kenny Smith uses Hohner Special 20 harmonicas. He employs a number of strange microtonal harmonicas in addition to the traditional western scale.

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When Smith was eight years old, a seven-song EP called Boy with the Blues was released. He kept on writing songs even though he was a student.

The singer prefers blues music to other genres. He allegedly listened to Muddy Waters obsessively each night right before bed.

Under the username @instagrambrose, Ambrose can be found on Instagram. On his primary account, he has 35.2K followers.

Who gave birth to his small daughter, whom he has, is still a mystery. The mother of the child and his wife’s names are kept a secret.

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