Since her debut in the TV movie A Sister’s Revenge in 2013, Allison Busner has been in several television shows and motion pictures. Actress, model, writer, podcast host, dancer, and singer Allison possesses various skills.

Allison Busner Bio, Wikipedia, Husband, And Parents Details Revealed
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Everything there is to know about the Canadian actress Allison is included in this post. Find out all there is to know about Allison Busner, a member of the On The Count Of Three cast.

Allison Busner Wikipedia Bio Explored

Allison, born in Montreal, Quebec, studied at Lindsay Place High School in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. The institution, however, was shut down in June of last year after 59 years of operation.

Allison enrolled in Dawson College in West Mount, Montreal, to study theatre after graduating high school. She received a degree from Dawson’s Professional Theatre Program upon graduation. Allison participated in a lot of theatre productions while in college.

Allision relocated to Toronto, Canada, to pursue her acting career. There, she attended Raw-Rooney Actors Workshop and took Bar Class, Scene Study, and On Camera classes. She has worked as a model and acted with the renowned Specs Models in Montreal.

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Does Allison Busner Host A Podcast?

Yes, she writes and hosts a podcast that you can subscribe to on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts. Unseen Must-Sees is a podcast that Alisson and her actor friend Kendra Leigh Timmins run.

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Both of these performers, who are occasionally out of work, like seeing films that many film enthusiasts and industry insiders consider to be “must-sees” overall. Kendra and Allison give these films honest evaluations, facts, and individual ratings. The two also argue whether watching these “hyped” movies is worthwhile.

Credits For Allison Busner In Film & Television Explored

Ariel was the main character in the 2013 television movie in which the Montreal native made her television debut. The following year, she was cast as Emily Keller in the lead role of the Canadian film Extraction Day.

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Her short films include Procedure from 2016 (where she plays Mia), Walter from 2017 (where she plays Courtney), and J Burg from 2019. (as Brunette Woman in Office). Additionally, she has appeared on television in the 2019 films Blink Twice and Suits as Associate and Elizabeth Dale, respectively (2019).

Most recently, Allison played Leah in the television movie On the Count of Three and Connie in Maps and Mistletoe.

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Is Allison Busner Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Allison Busner, a member of the On the Count of Three casts, is married to Sean Khodges, a craftsman who enjoys creating items of elegant-looking furniture. On July 10, 2013, the two began dating. They remained together until 2017, when they decided to exchange wedding vows.

On October 14, 2017, Allison Busner and Sean Khodges exchanged vows in front of their relatives and close friends. They often share each other’s images on Instagram, demonstrating how much they enjoy their life together as a married couple. Every year on April 15, Allison’s hubby celebrates his birthday. At the same time, Allison Busner observes her birthday every year on November 2.

Allison Busner Parents Explored

Vicki Mertl, Allison’s mother, is a Royal Montreal Curling Club member who adores Betsy Johnson’s clothing. Vicki Mertl gave birth to Allison. While she was residing in Montreal, Billy was Allison’s cat, and the mother and daughter were both devoted to Billy. Vicki enjoys decorating with flowers.

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Although she and her mother have frequently posted images of her father on their Instagram page, her father’s identity is unknown to the general world. Similarly, Allison shared a photo of herself and her father from Lindsay Place High School’s prom in 2013. Her father is still a mystery, aside from this.

Do Allison Busner Have Siblings?

With two siblings, Allison grew up in Montreal. Her sisters are married and starting children, just like she is.

Her older sister Amanda Busner is a mother of three and runs a non-profit promoting eradication of marine debris. She and her family are frequently spotted removing trash from the beach, raising money, and advocating for ocean preservation. Elana Busner Goldstein, Allison’s other sister, is also married.

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Allison Busner Talents And Skills Details

Alisson has reportedly developed an interest in various sports in addition to acting. You’ll be astonished to learn that she participates in various outdoor activities when you look at her Instagram profile. Allision enjoys canoeing, skiing, cycling, rollerblading, swimming, horseback riding, tennis, and volleyball. Busner has limited capabilities.

In addition to being a ballet dancer, Allison has performed in several plays while enrolled in Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program in Montreal. Additionally, she enjoys jazz and is a skilled dancer and singer of hip-hop music.

Allison Busner can portray accents from several nations. French, Canadian, Standard British, German, and Parisian are among the languages she can perform in.

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