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Actor Ryan Moloney and wife Alison  (Gettyimages )

Celebrity wife Alison Hayward is most known for being Ryan Moloney’s wife. However, her spouse is well-known for playing Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebechhi in the Australian television series Neighbours.

They have stayed at each other’s sides for 19 years, for better or worse, since being married in 2003. As a sign of their love, they also had two children, son Jack and daughter Erin Grace Moloney.

Australian TV series viewers Following the success of his acting career, Ryan Moloney’s neighbours began to ask questions about him and his wife, Alison Hayward.

Wikipedia: Who Is Alison Hayward?

Despite being more than just Ryan Moloney’s 42-year-old actress wife, she has chosen to keep her line of work out of the spotlight.

She should be in her late thirties to early forties if there is only a little age difference between the happy pair.

Because Alison values privacy so much, their marriage has endured for as long as it has. But unfortunately, the media has a way of eroding relationships and destroying trust.

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Alison’s husband and actor Ryan Moloney ( Whattowatch )

She recognizes that is his role and that he must perform it flawlessly if he wants to continue landing gigs. Therefore, she does not become envious when she sees her husband playing romantic interest in several movies and TV shows.

On November 16, 2003, after dating Moloney for just one year, Hayward said her vows to him. After Erin Grace and Jack, their two children were born, they started a family.

Alison Hayward Age In 2022 

Alison Hayward, the wife of Ryan Moloney, is believed to be in her late thirties or early forties, although her exact age is unclear. On the other hand, Ryan is 42 years old, and given that they had been together for 19 years, they were both in their early 20s when they were married.

Their daughter Erin Grace was born in 2003, which was a significant year for them because they were married and had her. So she doesn’t have much time left to be a teenager.

Their second child, a son called Eric, is born three years later. Their 15-year-old son is a teenager.

Alison Hayward Dating And Relationship Timeline

In 2002, Alison and Ryan began dating; a year later, they married. Their 19-year marriage proves they have a solid and loving bond.

With the Merilyn Brend Children’s Teenagers and Adults Theatre Company, Ryan started his career at ten. He played the lead role in the motion picture Say a Little Prayer by The Purple Pumpernickel.

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Alison and Ryan’s daughter, Erin Grace ( Source : Wikiodin )

He later made a one-off cameo as Cyborg in 1994. His other performance was as Kevin’s brother Jarrod in a one-scene role in Neighbors.

Alison is about 5’5″ tall “, but the precise height is unclear. Her spouse, a towering 5’9” man, “was at least four times taller than her.

Alison Hayward Net Worth Revealed

His performance was so well received that it rapidly turned into a regular part. He received a Golden Rose of Montreux Award nomination for Best Actor in a Soap for his work in Neighbours.

Since your husband’s wealth and debt are both yours and what is yours is his, Alison Hayward has a net worth of $4 million.

In addition to several soap operas, Moloney played Toadfish in the well-known Australian TV program Neighbours.

He also appeared in Say a Little Prayer as Thug, Enemies Closer as Terry, and Massacre of the Innocents as Simon.

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