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In Waterloo Road, Kelly-Jo Rafferty, playing Alicia Forde, is 16 years old. Actress Alicia Forde will make her debut in the United Kingdom in the year 2022.

On BBC One in the United Kingdom since January 3, 2023, Waterloo Road is broadcasting as a drama series on the eleventh season.

The series follows the lives of teachers and students at Waterloo Road High School in Greater Manchester. The drama depicts the difficulties faced by every Waterloo Road High School student, from bullying to family problems.

Shockingly adult themes, such as how these decisions affect people around them, are shown in this series about instructors and pupils. Only some things on the program are made up.

It’s a metaphor for the real-life scenarios of underpaid and overworked British workers, youngsters from troubled homes with complicated histories, and other issues.

Despite the obstacles, the school’s faculty and administration are committed to helping every student succeed. However, educators have room for improvement; only a select few are up to the challenge.

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Alicia Forde Portrays Kelly-Jo Rafferty

Alicia Forde portrays Kelly-Jo Rafferty, a 16-year-old high school student. A newcomer to the acting scene, she is also active in the theater.

Although she doesn’t have a long list of acting credits to her name, she has been killing it in every part she’s played.

As shown in the TV show Waterloo Road, Kelly-Jo is a disruptive kid who makes her instructors’ lives miserable. Because of this, she receives frequent classroom punishments from her professors.

Kelly has a lot of intellectual potentials and is quite active, but she has trouble focusing in the classroom. She may have threatened several kids and caused classroom disruptions, but she lacks the communication skills to explain herself fully.

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She tells Amy that no one sees or appreciates her for who she is. According to the show, the naughty one may suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which explains her erratic behavior. Her father’s seeming lack of interest in her might contribute to her conduct.

Kelly and her closest friend Samia have known each other since they were eleven years old; both are active in the feminist movement and reject traditional portrayals of women.

Alicia Forde’s Career

The actress holds a BA in Performance Acting from MountainView, a top acting school in the United Kingdom.

She has been acting in productions at the National Youth Theater since she graduated in 2020. The actress’s exceptional performance in the theater earned her the Laurence Olivier Bursary Award in 2020.

She has a lengthy theater resume that includes roles in productions like Midnight Summer Dreams, Emilia, Gloria, As You Like It, and many more before her turn in Waterloo Road. Her most recent film roles are in Ryan Can’t Read and The Painter & the Poet.

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