Aida Osman, a star of the HBO hit program Rap Sh!t, made news after learning of his brother’s passing in 2017.

Aida Osman is a modern actress who has dominated the field with her excellent performance and appropriate comic timing. The actress has been in the HBO hit American comedy series about two rappers from Miami attempting to break into the music business.

Due to her role in the show, Aida Osman has gained popularity among the audience, and people’s curiosity about her or a family member is growing daily. Aida Osman only had one sibling, but he, too, died, according to the news, which was tragic.

Samson Goitom, Aida Osman’s lone sibling, died tragically in 2017 at the young age of 21. He was the only sibling Aida had ever known. Being only 11 months apart, Aida and Samson had a close relationship.

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Let’s learn some information regarding the details of Aida Osman.

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Who Is Aida Osman Brother?

Samsom Goitom, Aida Osman’s only sibling and brother, is 11 months older than her. Aida was forced to live with her stepfather Yacoub Idris, her mother, Semira Osman, and her brother Samson Goitom as well as her only sibling. She was never able to spend time with her biological father.

Samsom, the actress’s brother, was close to her, and the two of them had a wonderful relationship before Samsom’s tragic passing. Samsom, Aida’s brother, tragically lost away in March 2017 at just 21.

The HBO Max Rap the Sh!t actress admitted in an interview that she and her brother were born 11 months apart but that their mother Semira had made up their adoption story when they were little.

Childhood picture of Aida along with her mother: gossipnextdoor

Along the way, the siblings had their mother by their sides, and stepfather Yacoub, with whom they have a strong link, filled the void left by the death of their biological father.

According to gossipnextdoor, Aida explained how her autistic brother needed leg braces to help him walk more naturally because he was non-verbal, elliptical, and had leg cramps. After all these terrible difficulties, Samsom, Aida’s brother, died.

Samsom, only 21 years old, passed away and abandoned everyone. She found it quite difficult to accept that her brother had died at such a young age. The news of her brother’s passing was said to have been extremely difficult for Aida to handle.

After a few days, Aida utilized her influence as an actress to spread the word about her brother’s tale. She said she was grateful for her life and that caring for her brother had taken up much of her time since she was barely eight.

Aida Osman’s Divine Journey to Issa Rae’s New Show: vanity fair

Aida never learned to be selfish because she had to look out for her brother early on and always treated him with respect. She related how, even though their mother had to leave for work, she was there for him throughout his life.

Aida adored her brother no matter how ill he was, and she continues to think of him as a guardian angel who kept an eye on her and led her on every road in life.

Samson passed away in 2017, but the cause of death wasn’t known until 2020. Aida admitted via her Twitter account that the negligent pool maintenance and lifeguarding contributed to her brother’s passing.

Details On Aida Osman’s Boyfriend: Her Net Worth

Fans have questioned Aida Osman’s partner and net worth because of the actress’s lifestyle as an actor.

An attractive African-American woman named Aida was born in 1997, making her 24 years old. The public can see into the popular actress’s life. The crowd adores Aida because she is a wonderful actor with excellent talents and voice tuning.

Aida Osman Put Her Life Into Rap Sh!T: esquire

However, to everyone’s astonishment, Aida consented to be classified as a Queer and openly expressed her thoughts in front of others. As a result, there are currently no speculations regarding Aida being in a relationship.

Aida is well renowned for being a talented actress and comedian, which has allowed her to amass a substantial amount of net worth. Aida Osman’s estimated total net worth is between $350,000 and $500,000.

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