Ahmednasir Abdullahi
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Ahmednasir Abdullahi is a qualified individual with extensive legal knowledge. Ahmednasir Abdullahi has set himself apart from other lawyers by developing a reputation as a lawyer who does not spare any parties during a legal battle. 

Instead, he grabs hold of his opponents and doesn’t let go until they submit.

Who Is Ahmednasir Abdullahi?

A well-known name in Kenya’s legal community is Ahmednasir Abdullahi. In addition, he runs a local newspaper and contributes a column to it.

Grand Mullah, also known as Amhednasir Abdullahi, is one of the wealthiest lawyers in the entire world. He now has a high standing due to his persistent ideas and statements on state affairs, justice-related concerns, and other topics on a national and international level.

His profound knowledge of Islamic law, constitutional law, and other matters related to these fields is the basis of his designation and nickname, “Grand Mullah.” He was chosen by Willy Mutunga, the Chief Justice who came before him.

Amhednasir Abdullahi attended Nairobi School for his Ordinary Level studies after finishing his basic education at Madera Primary School. City Lawyer received his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Nairobi in 1990.

Ahmednasir Abdullahi
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In order to obtain his Master of Laws degree, he enrolled at Cornell University the same year and eventually earned it in 1992. He is a devoted Muslim because he hails from the Somali community. He has four children and has been happily married for a very long time.

Political Opinions Of Ahmednasir Abdullah

The Grand Mullah criticized the western countries. Abdullahi rejected the notion of being radical when pressed more about it and claimed to be a rebel instead.

Ahmednasir went on to say that no specific scriptures or people form the foundation of his heretical ideas. On the plus side, he remembered how he used to routinely remember the list of the noisemakers when he was still in school. This is an admission of his notoriety.

Abdullahi has a reputation for speaking up and engaging in confrontational tactics with lawmakers, legislative panels, and courts throughout his career.

It is impossible to ignore his recent meetings with David Maraga, who is serving as acting Chief Justice. The outspoken lawyer doesn’t mince words and isn’t afraid to criticize when it’s appropriate.

He never backs down from a fight against anyone when it comes to the law. It is legitimate to say that Ahmednasir Abdullahi is an important figure while discussing the Kenyan legal system.

Who Are Ahmednasir Abdullahi Children? His Family Details

Four children, including a set of identical twins, and a proud parent, Ahmednasir Abdullahi is a loving family man.

Ahmednasir Abdullahi
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Being a parent gave off the vibe that he didn’t correct his kids. Instead, he makes an effort to comprehend them in order to give them a top-notch education and instil in them the proper societal ideals.

He has to forfeit some of the quality time he would normally spend with his family because of the hectic nature of his schedule. Ahmednasir, a Muslim, does not wish to marry a second woman in the future, even if Islamic law allows him to do so.

The lawyer treats extramarital relationships casually. He claimed that when they were still dating, he took his wife to the movies as his final act of romance.

He said that his wife graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in information technology. However, because she enjoys being a mother, she does not need to work outside the home.

How Much Does Ahmednasir Abdullahi Earn? His Net Worth

Ahmednasir Abdullahi is said to be worth Sh252 million, according to estimates.

Abdullahi is in the top tier of the list of the richest lawyers. He has numerous luxury car fleets, including a Land Rover, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and a Toyota Wagon, all of which are worth more than twenty million shillings.

Ahmednasir Abdullahi
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In 2008, he joined as a partner a business that had just established the first Sharia-compliant bank in history. The name of this bank was First Community Bank. The Bank officially opened for operation on June 1, 2008.

Abdikadir Mohamed, a lawmaker representing Mandera Central, offered the idea to the attorney, who then attracted other partners and raised Kshs 1 billion in funding to establish the Bank.

The outstanding investment that Mr Ahmednasir made is currently bearing fruit. The Bank spent KSh.1.3 billion to develop the impressive and recognizable FCB Mihrab building, which is situated on Lenana Road in the heart of Kilimani.

The building was just finished today. Its Islamic-inspired architecture exudes an Arabic vibe, giving Nairobi’s skyline glamour and mystery.

He started his law profession, but it took him a long time before he started to accumulate wealth. After three months of running the business, he was earning twice as much money as his former peers. There is no question that Mr Ahmednasir is wealthy. In the end, his ambition, consistency, and willingness to take chances paid off for him.

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