American streamer Adin Ross plays NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto V. His Twitch channel has 6.3 million total subscribers.

Ross and his sister Naomi both began streaming in 2019. He rose to fame by participating in bet matches with other well-known streams.

At the moment, his channel averages over 30,000 live viewers every stream. The streamer’s channel was momentarily suspended in April 2022 but was later reinstated.

Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr., a streamer, received a swat during a live broadcast. He was ultimately taken into custody by the Police due to illegal content.

Adin Ross Arrested And Swatted, Death Hoax: Where Is The Twitch Streamer Now?
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On the live feed, Ross was struck as well, just like his friend Watkins Jr. What is the plot of the story?

Was Adin Ross Arrested And Swatted?

Adin Ross was swatted while watching a live stream not long after IShowSpeed was swatted. The Police then arrested the YouTubers for engaging in unlawful betting.

With their firearms drawn, three police officers combed through Ross’ residence. Considering that Ross is notorious for playing practical jokes on his fans, several of his supporters expressed confusion at the occurrence.

Ross, however, openly acknowledged that he and IShowSpeed were swatted, proving that the incident was actual.

Ross tweeted a video with the following caption: “Very, very terrifying, last night I got swatted. I am OK. I adore you all. Speed was also swatted, but he’s OK now that we’ve hung up the phone. Man, the world is rotten.”

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He said this in the video: “I am fine. I appreciate everyone who has been in touch with me and has questions for me. The complete narrative will be updated for you guys later, of course. Traumatizing. It’s frightening. It is a consequence of the circumstances. Pami and I are still in a state of shock.”

“I also heard that a swatting attack struck Speed. Man, the world we live in is sick and bleak. However, I appreciate everyone asking how I’m doing. Fastness is going well.” Ross concluded his tweet by saying.

Death Hoax: Did Adin Ross Get Shot?

The well-known young streamer Adin Ross is unchanged and is in his home. Therefore, all the rumours are unfounded and do not correspond to reality.

Ross was persuaded to believe that “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. perished in an accident after hearing the false reports that he had been shot. Numerous media sites stated that he had died this morning from a gunshot wound. This is untrue, though. He is still alive.

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However, speculations continue to circulate widely on websites like Tiktok and Twitter. Many online users are spreading false information about the streamer and asserting that he is deceased.

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, the Youtuber was being swatted while doing a live stream on his Twitch channel.

Where Is The Twitch Streamer Now?

Adin Ross has arrived back at his brand-new home in Miami. He acknowledged the reports of his swatting and thanked his supporters.

Ross’s name has already been mentioned in connection with arrest-related news. The streamer was rumoured to have been detained in July 2022 for “stealing footwear.” He appeared in a video that became viral online. Ross was pictured in the video visiting a Sneaker store. It was posted on July 12, 2022, by Keemstar.

Similarly, he was permanently banned from Twitch in April 2022 after being discovered texting while driving while participating in a live stream.

Meet Adin Ross On Social Media

Adin Ross is active on Instagram under the username @adinross, where he has gained 3.3 million followers.

The web star is also on Twitter under the username @adinross, which he joined in July 2016 and has gained 1.3 million followers.

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