Adam Crigler Wife Nishra: Find What Happened To Adam Crigler On Timcast?

Adam Crigler and Nishra Almen’s marriage occurred more than seven years ago.

Adam Crigler started his modelling career in 2002 and joined Abercrombie & Fitch for his significant initial campaign.

Adam started writing music in 2005, and in 2009 he discovered skating.

A year after opening his skate school, he became well-known among skaters in New York.

Chanel hired Crigler in 2015 for their summer 2016 ad campaign, which featured a skateboarder because of his history of downhill skating.

In February 2020, he began working with Tim Pool to co-host the news show Timcastirl on his YouTube channel.

Adam Crigler
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Who Is Adam Crigler’s Wife Nishra?

Adam Crigler and Nishra Almen have been dating for some time.

Nishra is a pianist, singer, songwriter, audio engineer, and music producer. She is passionate about writing and performing Electro-Swing songs.

On Spotify, where she may be reached, she has 31 followers. The singer has made various playlists for her followers, such as Friday Night, Oh Yeah 2022, Awesome Songs, Djent, Metal, and many others.

She and her spouse routinely upload performances to YouTube. Everyone who has seen them sing has been speechless by their duet and her voice.

At a TimCast IRL Live performance of the song Find Yourself, she once shared the stage alongside Adam.

She hardly ever uses social media and doesn’t even have an Instagram account. His husband periodically posted negative things about her, as when they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

Image Source: Instagram

The couple had been together for about seven years by August 2022. They haven’t become parents yet, as was mentioned on Instagram.

What Has Timcast’s Adam Crigler Been Up To?

In an interview with Chase Geiser, Adam admitted that he hasn’t spoken to him in more than a year. In an interview, he repeatedly complained to some of Tim’s on-air behaviour.

But since Tim had been in charge of YouTube for more than ten years and was highly informed about it, he only considered other people’s perspectives.

Along with disparaging Lydia, he posted publicly about their relationship. They were having a relationship when Lydia was still married.

Adam claims that Lydia is jealous of Tim and imitates everything he says or does, which irritates him. He thought Lydia was strange and fascinating.

One day, when they discuss abortion, Adam eventually snaps at Lydia for her attitude. Tim believes he is being handed an ultimatum: dismiss Lydia or him, whilst Adam thought they are merely having a discussion.

He dismissed Adam after calling Joe Rogan on the phone for guidance. Adam stays there for a while before starting Adamcast with Tim’s assistance.

Tim assists him with the cost of transferring to his house in Sweden when he eventually departs. According to a YouTube video, Tim allegedly paid his wife and himself salary even while he wasn’t working.

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