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Purple Hearts, the newest romantic drama movie from Netflix, stars 46-year-old Loren Escandon as Marisol Salazar, and she completely won our hearts with her brief but heartwarming performance.

Escandon, a multifaceted talent, is a skilled craftswoman. She is a talented writer, director, producer, and actress, and she has already dominated many industries.

You will hear about her a lot because she has two movies in development and one that is in post-production. Therefore, it is advisable to familiarize yourself now rather than regret it later.

In this piece, we’ll examine the specifics of the actress’s career and trace her path to success.

Who Is Loren Escandon? Purple Hearts Actress Wikipedia Info

The Colombian-born actor Loren Escandon participated in Netflix’s most recent film, Purple Hearts, which debuted last week on July 29.

Escandon resides in Los Angeles with her tiny family, which consists of her husband Joe and their two dogs. Escandon was born to Lorenzo Gonzalez and Myriam Rocio Pinilla Gonzalez in Cali, Colombia. The couple’s lone kid is her.

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In a recent interview, the actress discussed her difficult upbringing. The number of cartels in Colombia’s streets increased as she grew older.

Like any loving mother, Myriam always wanted to shield her daughter from harm, so she encouraged her to apply to the National Ballet School so she wouldn’t have to witness the horrors of the gang-run streets.

Escandon did train as a ballerina, but she soon decided that wasn’t the kind of career she wanted.

After graduating from high school, she pursued a career in journalism, but her parents forced her to give it up because so many of them were being killed in Colombia.

Finally, the actress decided to try her hand at acting and joined the theater. She left for NYC with the intention of staying there for a short while, but the Colombian ended up falling in love with the city a little too much.

With the success of her performance as Gabriela in the television series Messenger (2015), Escandon gained some confidence in her decision to pursue acting as a vocation.

The Baxter television series gave the actress her debut role as Pastor Mariana Velasquez (2019).

She was an actor in the well-liked series Selena (2019). Currently, Loren Escandon is addressing young audiences with Purple Hearts.

Loren Escandon Age: Purple Hearts Actress

On June 9, 1976, the renowned actress from the Baxter television series was born.

Escandon, who was raised in squalor in Colombia, had to develop far beyond her years. She had to participate in extremely challenging ballet classes, which left her mentally and physically weary.


However, she was compelled to fulfil her promise to her mother, and as a result, she did end up becoming a ballerina.

The actor was determined not to give up even though she had no English language skills when she initially moved to New York.

She took English classes, worked for two renowned Latinx businesses in New York City, joined theaters, and eventually made it big in Hollywood.

She did everything possible to make her parents proud and showed genuine respect for their decisions.

Loren Escandon Parents

The parents of Loren Escandon are Lorenzon Gonzalez and Myriam Gonzalez. The information that is accessible regarding their line of work is limited.

Gonzalez was raised in a multi-cultural family and was born to AfroLatino parents. She was the sole child of the pair.

The actor sadly lost both of her parents. Lorenzo’s death date is unknown. However, Myriam bid the world farewell on June 1st, 2020.

Although the Purple Heart actor may have lost her role models, she never forgets them and frequently posts about her mother in difficult situations.

Is Loren Escandon Married?

Joe Escandon, a Floridian native, and Loren Escandon have been blissfully wed for 14 years.

They wed on May 24, 2008, and have never had children.

Despite not having children, the couple does have two adorable dogs, who are frequently shown on Loren’s Instagram page.

Joe stands with his wife on the red carpet. The two frequently travel together to different locations.

The actress and her spouse also engage in charitable work, such as preparing homemade meals for the needy.

Loren Escandon Nationality And Ethnicity

AfroLatinx Colombian Loren Escandon has spoken out against the prejudice that her community experiences.

In addition to wanting women of colour to feel represented in Hollywood, the actress is a lady who is proud of her heritage.

Due to the fact that Loren’s mother was black and her father was white, she frequently encountered comments like “CafĂ© con Leche.”

In one of her interviews, Escandon relates how her mother experienced prejudice in her town and discrimination because she was black.

The author hopes that via her writing, we can all see one another, acknowledge our differences, and come to terms with them.

Loren Escandon On Instagram

On Instagram, Loren Escandon is active under the handle @lorenescandon.

Her 1.5k followers allow us to read posts about her job and her little, content family.

The Colombian writes blog articles on her travels and the delectable meals she enjoys.

Due to her job, she has been to several locations, including South Africa and Canada, and she frequently visits the other U.S. States.

Award-Winning Movie Of Loren Escandon

Loren Escandon is the director and writer of the critically acclaimed film Los Patines.

The film portrays the powerfully emotional tale of an orphaned Afro-Colombian child who is made to serve a white mother.

The film has garnered numerous accolades in film festivals. Escadon earned the Best Director prize at the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, and Los Patines took home the prize for Best Short Latino Film.

At the Panamanian International Film Festival, it also took home the Best Screenplay and Audience Awards.

On June 1, 2022, the film was released in theaters. Many movie-goers felt moved by Loren’s film as it touched on such a sensitive topic.

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