About Secrets In The Building Lifetime Cast

Secrets in the Building Popular actors Shemeka Wright, Kia Dorsey, and Katelin Chesna play the main characters in Lifetime. The suspense film Secrets in the Building is from 2022.

Secrets in the Building, directed by Doug Campbell, follows Michelle and her daughter Norah as she relocates to a new house seeking a fresh start following the death of her husband.

The strict maintenance worker doesn’t like that they are friends with Helene and Channing, two other mother-daughter renters who live in the same Building. Josh, a builder, and Michelle start dating when Josh develops feelings for Michelle.

Channing has fostered Norah while growing jealous of her status as the popular girl in school. Michelle and Norah are more intimidated, which makes the situation worse.

Michelle and Norah team up to identify their pursuers, certain that someone will stop at nothing to get them out of the apartment, not realizing how near their pursuers had been the entire time.

About Secrets In The Building Lifetime Cast
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Secrets In The Building Lifetime Cast

In the Building: Secrets, Shemeka Wright and Kia Dorsey play the main characters on Lifetime. On December 9, 2022, Secrets In The Building was made public.

The actors who gave these thriller film’s characters souls are listed below.

Shemeka Wright

Michelle Green is portrayed in the film by Shemeka Wright, an actress in Los Angeles.

Wright plays the main character in the movie. After the death of Michelle’s husband, she relocates with her daughter to a new location in the film.

In the movie, she dates Josh, a builder. Shemeka is an entrepreneur who most recently established a company that produces candles called Be With You. Wright pours each candle by hand.

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Kia Dorsey

Kia, a newbie to acting, in Secrets in The Building, a play by Norah Green.

Michelle’s daughter Norah begins her new life in a new location with her mother. Norah is very well-liked at school, but due to this popularity, she and her mother are increasingly endangered.

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Katelin Chesna

The tenants are portrayed in the film by actress Katelin. She portrays Helene in the drama.

The moment Helene and her daughter meet Michelle and her kid, they hit it off. The stern maintenance guy finds their closeness annoying.

When Katelin was a pre-med student, she discovered she wanted to be an actress. She spent three years studying theater in New York.

Tori Griffith

The daughter of Helene is a character played by actress Tori Griffith.

Following their initial meeting, Tori and Norah also instantly clicked. Channing at school supports Norah, and she looks out for her.

Inseparably linked to Norah’s appeal is Channing.

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Justin Berti

Berti was one of the final actors to join the cast. Josh, who in the film performs the character of a contractor, is portrayed by Berti.

Josh begins to date Michelle after quickly falling in love with her. Eliott was Berti’s last character name in the miniseries Submission.

Other Casts Of The Movie Include

Allison Ye as Amanda

Noah Fearnley as Aiden

Alexander Harris as Principle

Secrets In The Building Shooting And Release Date

On December 9, 2022, the suspense film Secrets in the Building was released. The entire movie was filmed in the USA.

The movie is available on Lifetime.com. To start watching, you may start a free trial. Viewers can purchase Lifetime’s premium package after the trial period to continue watching movies.

Prepare for an interesting suspense film; Secrets in the Building has received great reviews.

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