About Sachin And Timothy Relationship

The newest Christmas film stars Sachin Bhatt (I Believe in Santa) as Assan. Beginning on December 14, you may watch the first episode of I Believe In Santa on Netflix.

The American actor had screen time with Christina Moore, John Ducey, Violet McGraw, and Lattefah Holder, among others, in this seasonal film.

He gained widespread renown for his portrayal as Ali in Nilanjan Neil Lahiri’s 2008 film, The Ode.

In 2008, Bhatt debuted in the film The Love Guru. He has racked up 43 acting credits and one producing credit in his fourteen-year career.

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Sachin Bhatt And His Husband Timothy Joel

I Believe In Santa’s Sachin Bhatt has been with his boyfriend, Timothy Joel Wright, for nearly seven years. It’s no secret that Timothy enjoys an active lifestyle.

The American actor is wholly smitten with his boyfriend, Timothy. On their Instagram, they often post sweet messages, expressing their affection and gratitude for one another.

Meanwhile, it takes a lot of work to piece together even the most basic information about Bhatt’s significant other.

Since then, we have been trying to figure out what Timothy does for a living or any further details about him.

Wright appears to be enjoying fitness, as seen by the pictures of his toned figure that populate his Instagram feed. Fortunately for the health and fitness buff, Timothy is not an only child.

As of June 28, 2015, his sister is a newlywed. Before his sister’s wedding in 2015, Wright posted a blurry selfie with his mom.

Since When Are Timothy And Sachin Been Together?

On June 14, 2021, Wright and Bhatt posted on their separate Instagram accounts to discuss their relationship.

Mr. and Mr. 6/13/21, seven years of growing and evolving with my greenheart. The two of them had been dating since June 2014.

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Sachin’s first self-portrait on Instagram was posted on July 5, 2015. They have accumulated thousands of memories throughout the years. In February 2017, Sachin and Timothy had micro blading.

Both partners occasionally make public appearances on their separate profiles.

When Is Timothy And Sachin’s Birthday?

Wright’s birthday is March 27, and he has a party to commemorate the day every year. Likewise, every year on December 17, Sachin is quick to boast about his special day. However, the age difference between the couple could be more apparent.

In 2019, Bhatt celebrated Timothy’s birthday by posting a selfie of the two dressed as pandas. HBD. No masks available, he said in the caption.

Sachin And Timothy Uses Preferred Pronouns On Instagram

Sachin and Timothy, the cute pair, both refer to themselves in the third person using he/him.

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They’ve both identified themselves on Instagram using preferred pronouns. They’re dedicated supporters who proudly wave the flag.

Timothy Is Active On Instagram

Timothy, Bhatt’s companion, may be reached on the social media platform Instagram under the handle timothyjoelwright.

He now has over 7.8k followers and follows 431 accounts himself. The earliest shot of Wright is from June 2013.

Facts To Know All About Sachin Bhatt

  1. Each year on December 17, Sachin and his loved ones gather to commemorate his birth.
  2. Bhatt has a height of 1.85 meters, or 6 feet and 1 inch.
  3. Sachin was born to his mother, Damini V Bhatt, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  4. Saavi, Bhatt’s daughter, is now three years old.
  5. Sachin’s sister’s name is Shruti Bhatt Upadhyay, which brings us to number five.

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