Rima Edbouche became the bride of Ousmane Dembele in December 2021. Traditional Moroccan rites were performed for Ousmane.

Dembele and his wife Rima first met while he was starting with Rennes in the French Ligue 1. As of 2016, Ousmane has spent eight years with Rennes.

Beginning in the junior system, he worked his way up to the reserve squad and eventually the first team for Rennes. The marriage between Ousmane and his wife Rima was a secret.

Several recordings of Dembele and Rima’s wedding celebrations went viral on social media, allowing the entire world to witness their nuptials.

Ousmane is a skillful and unpredictable football player for FC Barcelona of Spain. Fans and commentators regularly criticized Ousmane for being out of form and not playing in rhythm with the rest of the Barcelona squad.

The brilliant footballer’s life changed drastically once he married his longtime girlfriend, and the club hired the legendary Xavi as manager.

Dembele is now in Qatar, hoping to assist France in winning their third World Cup and second consecutively.

He’s been training hard and giving it his all since he knows his girlfriend Rima will be there cheering him on.

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Who Is Rima Edbouche?

Rima Edbouche is popular on the social media platform TikTok. Over 477k people are following her on TikTok.

Her TikTok has more than 4,1 million likes. Her work is famous because she always delivers on the promise of her brand, Razalae.

Razalae is a line of women’s clothes that focuses on fitting the needs of Muslim women. Razalae’s clothing will suit Islamic ladies who value modesty and comfort.

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There is no unnecessary or divisive material on Rima’s site. She publishes material that is sensitive to various cultural norms. She used to have a public Instagram account but has since been disabled.

Her posts were almost entirely promotional on the rare occasions that she did. The number of photos that showed her face was relatively low.

Where Did Rima And Ousmane Met?

She had gone to France to further her education, and that’s when she and Ousmane first crossed paths. Although Rima was born in Italy, she spent her youth there and has since returned.

After that, Edbouche relocated to France to finish her education there. She first encountered the young French prodigy Ousmane Dembele in Paris.

As a young player, Ousmane Dembele was beginning off with the Rennes youth squad. There they began what would become a lifelong commitment to one another as a couple.

Where Are Rima’s Ancestors From?

The ancestors of Rima Edbouche all hail from Morocco. Rima and her family are initially from the southwest region of Morocco in North Africa.

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The ancestral home of Edbouche is in the Moroccan region of Dour Aghbalou, on the country’s southernmost tip. Rima and her family hold their heritage and cultural practices in the highest regard.

Where Did Ousmane And Rima Get Married?

Dembele and Rima, his wife, were married according to Islamic and Moroccan customs. Rima wanted to marry in the traditional Moroccan fashion because of her family’s deep links to Morocco and the culture there.

The couple’s wedding had a strong whiff of Morocco about it. The wedding was a true reflection of Moroccan culture, from the music to the traditional garb.

Dembele, born in France but with Mauritian ancestry, had no problems with the wedding being held in Morocco. Having finally sealed the deal with his longtime beloved, he felt fulfilled.

Rima And Ousmane Are Blessed With A Baby Girl

In September of this year, Rima Edbouche celebrated her marriage to and love for Ousmane Dembele by giving birth to a beautiful and healthy daughter.

They have a child together and are currently residing in Spain, where Ousmane is a regular member of the Barcelona football team.

Having a spouse or close friend at your side may make all the difference. Many times, we have witnessed this very thing.

Bringing a wife and a daughter into the picture has helped Ousman grow up and take on more responsibility.

Since being married and having a daughter, many people have observed a positive shift in his attitude and demeanor.

We hope this sweet couple and their precious daughter have a lifetime of love and success. Our best to Ousmane Dembele as he faces Morocco in today’s World Cup Semifinal.

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