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You can purchase coins on the TikTok platform. But what are these coins used for, and what can you buy with them?

The video-sharing app’s in-game money is called TikTok Coins. By supplying your bank card or PayPal details, you can buy TikTok coins.

But what do you do with a bank of coins once you have one? You can use these coins in the TikTok app in the methods listed below.

Sending Gifts On TikTok Live

A gift for a TikTok creator is among the most expensive items you can purchase with your TikTok coins. TikTok gifts come at different prices and are depicted by various emojis.

Once a maker has a sufficient supply of gifts, they can sell them for cash. On TikTok, sending presents is simply giving a virtual tip.

On a creator’s TikTok Live, for example, you can send them presents. On TikTok Live, everyone will see a notification, including the creator, when you buy a gift to deliver.

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The creator can see who is sending them presents and usually thanks them right away thanks to this. So a shoutout on TikTok Live can be obtained by sending gifts to a creator.

Sending Gifts In A Creator’s Comment Section

Sending presents to your favourite creative in their comment section is another way to support them.

You should do so in the comment section if you want to support a creator who doesn’t use the TikTok Live function.

Buying A TikTok Promotion

Through TikTok Promote, you have another option for using your TikTok money. A TikTok video can be promoted using the TikTok Promote feature over a certain number of days.

Depending on how long you decide to run your promotion and how many views you want to achieve, TikTok promos cost more money.

Are TikTok Coins Useful?

There are several uses for TikTok coins. First, coins are a convenient method to digitally tip your favourite authors if you prefer to show your support financially.

But unless the platform adds new uses in the future, you won’t need to utilize coins on TikTok if you don’t want to pay presents to creators or use the promotion option.

Coins can be used to promote your postings, so they get seen by more people if you’re seeking to expand your TikTok account.

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