Matthew Garber’s brother, Fergus Garber, was born in 1964, the same year he was cast as Michael Banks.

The late British child actor Matthew gained fame in the 1964 musical fantasy Mary Poppins. He only appeared in The Gnome-Mobile and The Three Lives of Thomasina, two other movies.

In all three of the films he acted in, Garber paired up with British actress Karen Dotrice. Walt Disney Pictures also produced every movie in which he appeared. Roy Dotrice, Karen’s father, came across him in 1963 while looking for a young actor.

The Disney company’s casting director recommended Matthew, claiming that his “artful dodges, such as squinting, screwing up his nose, and brushing his hair back with one hand,” would make him stand out.

Unfortunately, the young actor contracted hepatitis while he was in India, and by the time he returned to the UK, the illness had spread. Matthew passed away in the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London, on June 13, 1977.

Matthew Garber
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Matthew Garber Brother Fergus Garber

In 2004, Fergus Garber, Matthew Garber’s brother, accepted the Disney Legend award on his behalf. When Fergus lost Matthew to hepatitis, he was 13 years old.

No one ever told Fergus if a memorial had been built in Matthew’s honor. The performer was awarded for adhering to the Disney values of talent, originality, focus, magic, and workmanship.

He swiftly won over the crowds’ hearts with his loose, youthful, and contagious demeanor.

Image Source: superstarsbio

At the St. Marylebone Crematorium in East Finchley, London, the actor’s remains were cremated on June 16. Unfortunately, Fergus had to endure yet another terrible moment when his parents passed away barely ten years after Fergus’s passing.

Fergus refuted allegations that the Mary Poppins actress got hepatitis while using drugs in India and said the ailment was probably caused by eating tainted meat. After the sickness, hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis developed.

Facts On Fergus Garber

  • Fergus was born in 1964, the same year that Matthew made his film debut as Michael Banks in Marry Poppins. He is aged fifty-eight.
  • Both of L.L. Garber’s parents, Margot Garber and Garber, participated in plays even though neither was particularly well-known.
  • Matthew and Fergus both grew up in Stepney, London.
  • His brother attended Highgate School in Highgate, North London after completing his education at St. Pauk’s Primary School in Winchmore Hill.
  • The school Matthew had gone to identified Fergus’ father as Louis Leonard Garber.
  • In a 1967 Disney press release, Matthew was described as a lively and intelligent child. Matthew also enjoyed reading poetry, adventure novels, playing practical jokes, and participating in sports.
  • Matthew refuted allegations that his older sibling’s hepatitis was brought on by drug use. The most likely cause, according to him, was eating contaminated meat.
  • In 2004, the performer accepted the Disney Legend trophy on behalf of Fergus.

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