The Lash Lounge Birmingham – The Pearl is an eyelash salon owned by Matt Prater’s wife, Kati Prater. 

A son and three daughters make up the family of Matt and Kati Prater, who were wed on April 14, 2015. 38-year-old Arizona Cardinals placekicker Matt Prater plays American football.

He is regarded as one of the NFL’s top kickers regarding long-field goals. When he joined the NFL in 2006 with the Detroit Lions, he was an undrafted free agent.

Kati, Matt’s beloved, is also connected to the football community. In her younger years, she was a member of the Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders.

One of the supportive elements that the Prater family considered when deciding that Matt should join the Cardinals was her relationship with the organization.

About Matt Prater's Wife, Kati Prater Married Life And Children
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Who Is Matt Prater’s Wife?

Kati Prater, Matt Prater’s wife, runs a fashion business. Because of everything she did to advance her profession in the cosmetics and beauty industry, Kati developed a deep interest in eyelash extensions.

When she lived in Denver, Colorado, Kati had a preferred lash salon. As soon as Matt signed his deal with the Detroit Lions, her entire family moved to Michigan; therefore, she had to find a new salon for her extensions elsewhere.

In Detroit, she couldn’t locate any that she liked. So Kati decided to start their lash salon.

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Kati Prater Married Life Details

In December 2013, Kati hinted on her Instagram about her relationship with Matt. She had shared a photo of herself pointing at a man with the number 5 and Prater’s name on a Broncos jersey.

When asked by de nugget why she had shared the image, Kati replied to the comment by stating that she is a Broncos fan.

This was only the first of many, though, as not long after, she posted numerous images of herself with Matt Prater and the hashtag #matty, which formalized their relationship.

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The two fell in love and got married on March 11, 2014. They both appeared comfortable and cheerful in the picture she posted of them kissing during their party.

Matt wed his love on April 14 of the following year, 2016. Four of Kati’s friends served as her bridesmaids at her wedding.

She looked stunning and beautiful in her white wedding dress and holding a bouquet of white flowers. Denver’s Emma and Grace Bridal Studio provided Kati with her gown.

As opposed to Matt, who had a sharp appearance with a three-piece suit and sleek side hair.

Matt And Kati’s Children’s Details

Matt currently works for the Cardinals; he and Kati reside in Arizona with their four children.

After their marriage, they had a son named Pax Wallace. Two of their three girls were born in 2018, and the other two in 2021. Ava Jean Prater is the name of their oldest daughter.

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