Tina and Patrick are the parents of an actor Kenya Barris who served in the armed forces.

Barris is a renowned modern storyteller in Hollywood. He is an actor, producer, and director, but “Black-ish,” an ABC sitcom, made him most famous (2014–2022).

The acclaimed television program “Black-ish” is just one of the many that Barris has developed. The award-winning sitcom already has two spin-offs, “Grown-ish” and “Mixed-ish,” as well as a third potential spin-off called “Old-ish.”

Along with Tyra Banks, he co-created and produced “America’s Next Top Model,” and he has written for “The Game,” “Girlfriends,” and “Soul Food.”

Additionally, he co-wrote the screenplay for the 2019 movie “Shatt,” co-produced “Little” in 2019, and wrote the script for “Girls Trip.”

In the Netflix series “BlackAF,” which he also co-created and in which Rashida Jones and Iman Benson starred, Barris made his acting debut in 2020. Barris committed to writing, producing, and directing a biography of comic Richard Pryor for MGM in October 2020.

Barris will also be directing a contemporary adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz”; it was announced in August 2022.

 Kenya Barris
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Patrick and Tina Barris son Kenya Barris

At five years old, Kenya Barris witnessed his parents, Tina and Patrick Barris, divorce. Kenya is the youngest of four children in the Barris family.

In the impoverished Inglewood neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, Tina, Barris’ mother, primarily reared him and his three brothers by herself have always been the object of his devotion. His parents chose the name Kenya because of his father’s travel to that country.

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When Barris was five years old, his mother, Tina, filed for divorce due to his father’s history of physical abuse. Six years after sustaining a lung ailment at work, Barris’ father received compensation.

Tina and the kids could integrate Hancock Park, become middle class, and pay for Barris’ private school tuition with half of the money, thanks to the support of the kids. At Clark Atlanta University, Barris initially studied medicine.

But after a brief stint in stand-up comedy, he realized that writing was his true passion. He eventually obtained a degree in radio, television, and film and returned to Los Angeles, where he worked as a production assistant.

Barris rapidly secured consistent employment as a staff writer for TV shows.

Actor Kenya Barris’s Father Patrick

While employed by General Motors as a manufacturing worker, Patrik mistreated his wife. As a result, his wife began living apart from him, and she also requested a divorce.

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The little family relocated to a new home when Barris became six years old. When the children’s abusive father discovered them and tried to break in, Barris’s mother shot him with a revolver to try to stop him. The plan was to hide them from the father.

But Tina fired five times at him when he approached her. Barris was present to see it. That evening, before escaping, Barris punched his father once in the stomach. Because she was too terrified of the father to report him, Tina moved to New York with the kids for a year.

Kenya’s mother afterward took her kid to a counselor out of concern that what had happened would harm him.

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As A Single Mother Tina Raised Kenya

Barris has always felt a special connection to the single mother who reared him and his brothers in the Inglewood, California, slums. He disclosed that his mother was “a male and a woman” in the New Yorker

He said, “After Tina fled an abusive marriage, was divorced, and lost her home in a fire, her small son perished away from leukemia and cancer while he was in bed.” She was still responsible for four children.

But Tina never chose to take welfare. She worked three jobs to support her children while studying for the real estate broker’s exam and selling for Mary Kay, Amway, and the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Finally, Tina bought a property to invest in low-income housing. She collected the rent and carried a sub-nosed weapon in her pocket for security.

Despite Tina’s best efforts, those were difficult financial circumstances. Treats that were difficult to find and rare were carefully preserved and subsequently appreciated.

Barris had accumulated enough savings as a youngster to purchase a unique pair of sneakers he later cleansed with a toothbrush.

Tina astonished Barris by buying a new bike as soon as she had enough spare change in her money box. Everything changed when Barris’ father received compensation for a lung ailment sustained in a chemical accident.

Tina used her share to relocate the children to a location close to Hancock Park. He now resides in the affluent San Fernando Valley area of California.

Due to the radical transformation from what Barris refers to as “ashy to classy,” the young child, who was then just approaching his teen years, was allowed to enroll in private school.

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