About Dumb Decision Song On TikTok: Find Its Lyrics And Meaning Explored

A permanent component of the TikTok experience is music. For added pop, people frequently add music to their TikToks.

Every time a trend or challenge becomes viral, one of the most well-known apps on the internet causes the music associated with the challenge to do the same.

Sometimes the task includes the music, and other times the challenge or trend in the video dictates the tune.

In any case, the popularity of TikTok has helped level the playing field and slightly altered the musical landscape of contemporary mainstream music.

Everyone gets a shot to succeed on TikTok, whether they are established artists from the past, contemporary pop sensations, or novices.

Music can cover any subject since the app has become popular with serious ballads and humorous songs.

A wonderful example of a depressing song unexpectedly becoming popular is the song Dumb Decisions, which is the inspiration for the current TikTok fad.

About Dumb Decision Song On TikTok: Find Its Lyrics And Meaning Explored
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Dumb Decision Song On TikTok

Recently, the TikTok trend “Dumb Decision” has gained popularity. The song’s real name is Escapism, and it was written and performed by British musician Raye with American rapper and singer 070 Shake.

The song’s title is a result of the song’s section, which prominently uses the term “Dumb Decision,” becoming well-known. In controversy are the lyrics The man that I love sat me down last night/ And he told me that it’s over the silly decision.

The vocalist sings these lyrics in the song’s setting after a stanza in which she discusses flirting and her intentions to spend the night with a new bar acquaintance.

After being dumped by the man in the well-known couplet, she wants to spend the night with him to make herself feel better.

The song continues by detailing her experiences on a drunken night, including the horrible situations she gets herself into both with and without the stranger’s presence.

People, especially women, who had just been dumped by a partner started talking about bad decisions they had made, which made this song popular. But the trend has subsequently changed totally, becoming something else.

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Women utilizing music in films of themselves getting ready or applying cosmetics is the most notable example, with recordings of ladies styling their hair becoming the most popular.

If you go to TikTok and search for “Escapism by Raya,” you can see many videos of women styling their hair in different ways.

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Who Sings The Dumb Decision Song On TikTok?

The Bad Choice TikTok Song is a song by Raya and 070 Shake called Escapism. British singer Raya and American rapper 070 Shake both perform.

On October 20, 2022, Raya independently released the song with another one of hers named “The Thrill Is Gone.” Her next album, “My 21st Century Blues,” is scheduled to be published on February 23, 2023, and the songs served as its lead singles.

The song’s producer, Mike Sabbath, and Raye co-wrote it with 070 Shake. For the first month after its release, the music was barely heard.

But TikTok altered everything, as the song became a worldwide hit after going viral on the app in November 2022. It peaked at number one in Ireland and number two in the UK.

It is Raye’s highest charting single overall as of the time of writing this article. This is the first time she has had a song chart on the American Billboard Hot 100.

In addition to the United States, the song also reached the top 20 of the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway.

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Raye has become somewhat of a rising pop star in the UK and the US due to the song. After performing the music live on the British television program Later with Jools Holland, she found her footing in the former.

On November 9, 2022, she also published a music video for the song, just before it went viral on TikTok. The song has received 6.5 million YouTube views despite being just a month old.

It is the most views she has ever racked up for one of her music videos. Raye is a great example of a musician who wasn’t well-known before TikTok but is now better known because of it.

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