Andrew Bushell and Michelle Argyris star as the leads in the Christmas comedy Record Breaking Christmas. On December 15 of this year, the film will officially debut in theaters.

It will join the Lifetime Channel lineup after the premieres of Kirk Franklin’s Night Before Christmas and A Recipe for Joy.

Leah is dragged from her home to look into a town’s attempts to set new holiday Guinness World Records. She finds out that she may be the only one to help them get what they want for Christmas.

Later, Leah develops feelings for a village doctor who attempts to shatter many holiday-related Guinness World Records in the run-up to Christmas.

The movie is guaranteed to be a hit throughout the winter vacations. The film provides us with the finest possible vacation experience, from its original premise to its stellar cast.

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Cast Of Record Breaking Christmas

The cast of this year’s record-breaking holiday film is fantastic. The film stars some notable actors and actresses, including:

Michelle Argyris As Leah

Michelle, an actress in Canada, is 34 years old. She’ll play the movie’s Leah character.

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Michelle has been posting updates and comments on the film on various social media sites, where she has also expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to participate in it.

Andrew Bushell As Devan

Andrew, a well-known actor, and improviser from Canada, presently resides in the city of Toronto. Originally, he lived in Alberta.

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Famous works by Bushell include the upcoming The Wedding Planners (2020), Jump, Darling (2020), and Designated Survivor (2000-present) (2016). Both the lead actress and Andrew are key cast members.

Darlene Cooke As Nell Bancroft

The amazing Darlene Cooke has starred in several successful films, including The Deadly Look of Love, Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science, Marianne Samuels, and many others. Cooke will portray Nell Bancroft in the film.

Dominique Desmarais As Josie Stetson

Dominique Desmarais will play the film’s lead role of Josie Stetson. She had already made several appearances in film and television when she showed up on the set of Record-Breaking Christmas.

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Her most notable film appearances are in Terror Train and Ghosts.

Chris Gleason As Bob

Canada’s North York is the site of Chris Gleason’s November 19, 1963, birth. The actor is most recognized for his appearances in “Carter” (2018), “Coroner” (2019), and “Astronaut” (2019). He’s been cast as Bob in the film.

Besides these two leads, the film also stars:

  • Scott MacDougall, portrayed by Connor McMahon
  • Santa Claus (Drew Moss)
  • Simone, played by Dana Puddicombe
  • As Xavier Sampson, Pierre Simpson
  • Jin (Danny Vo)

Record Breaking Christmas Was Filmed In Different Places In The United States

Record The locations used to shoot Breaking Christmas span the country. Everything in the trailer was filmed in the United States.

The plot follows Leah Hoffman (Michelle Argyris), who, after drawing the short straw, must investigate a small town’s preparations to break multiple world records in celebration of the Christmas season.

As her affection for the town’s doctor, Devan Bancroft, grows, she sees how everyone is pulling together to accomplish their modest Christmas goal (Andrew Bushell).

The film’s original story keeps audiences interested throughout.

The film will have its world premiere on the Lifetime Channel on Thursday, December 15, 2022, at 8 pm EST. It’s a great choice for a Christmas movie night with loved ones.

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