Tom and Katie Higgins are Barbara Corcoran’s children. Bill Higgins and Barbara were united in marriage in 1988. The reality personality was raised in a massive family with nine siblings. 

Nevertheless, she battled to conceive and finally gave birth to her first kid through in vitro fertilization with her sister Florence’s donated eggs.

The couple adopted Kate, their second child, after eleven years. The television celebrity most recently resided in Manhattan with her spouse.

About Barbara Corcoran's Children, Husband, And Family
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Barbara Corcoran’s Children’s Details

Tom Higgins and Katie Higgins, two children, bless Barbara Corcoran. Having her first child at age 46, Corcoran.

She desperately wanted the children, but Corcoran said her body would not let her. She also possessed an IUD at 20, but she was an unfortunate group member.

When the television celebrity learned she couldn’t have children, she was stunned. Eight of her younger siblings already have a few juniors; her mother had ten children. So she assumed she could become pregnant at any time.

When her family discussed having children and the difficulties of raising them at every family gathering, she grew more eager to have children. She also felt empty when they wanted them but couldn’t have them.

It became a long-term heartbreaker for the commentator as a result. The businesswoman applied science when she was 40. Invitro, which she invented, became the industry standard at the time.

Six years later, the couple gave birth to a healthy young boy named Tom after eight attempts and 23 embryos. On March 4, 1994, she gave birth to a boy.

When Kate was 56 years old, they adopted her after ten years. The businesswoman claimed that the day she assumed Kate was her second-happiest day.

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According to the TV personality, her 28-year-old son is a great guy, just like his father. It was the best day of her life and a wonder that he was born. In addition, her daughter is now 17 years old.

Corcoran thinks that being a mother is the best job in the world, better than she could have ever imagined. Every time her children call her mom, her heart swells.

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Who Is Barbara Corcoran’s Husband?

Bill Higgins, the husband of Barbara Corcoran, is a former FBI agent and a Navy Captain.

The television star’s husband spent most of his career as a career officer in the Navy, which is still his greatest accomplishment.

As the lifetime wife of a Navy captain, she was familiar with the extreme dedication and labor that the young men and women serve with.

The couple dated for seven years before getting married in 1988. In 1981, they first encountered each other at a conference where Bill was waiting to see her so they could conduct business with the real estate agent.

The first time they met, the relator said he was a handsome man with a smile worth a million dollars.

After a number of business meetings, the TV star invites her to spend the weekend with him. He turned down the offer, which increased his allure. They ultimately began dating after six months of seeking each other.

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She relocated with her four children after dating the veteran, who has four children from a previous marriage.

The veteran proposed to her on the trip to Norway after a long and happy relationship. She said I do, but she’s hesitant to accept it.

The investor wished Bill a happy 78th birthday on August 17, 2022. While still in his pajamas, he enjoys a sheet cake of tiramisu and his big day.

Barbara Corcoran Family Details

Her parents welcomed Barbara Corcoran into the world in Edgewater, New Jersey. She was one of ten children, the second oldest.

Edwin W. Corcoran Jr. is her father, and Florence is her mother. Her family used to depend on free food delivery from a helpful neighborhood grocer.

The mom of the TV star worked outside the home and was a homemaker. She serves as an excellent motivation and role model for her.

Throughout her childhood, her father frequently changed occupations. She learned from him that having pleasure should come first in life.

When her father arrived home in his suit, he used to tell her stories about terrible workdays. Her sister used to listen to her father for singing, music, and business guidance.

The businesswoman added that her father was excellent and had always given them his full attention. He used to say that every child was his favorite. His arrogance or disobedience, however, caused him to resign or be fired.

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She attributes her entrepreneurial career to her father. Half of her siblings have also agreed to work together. Since they were the natural bond leader, their parents provided them the courage to face the outside world.

Every youngster learned from their mother that everyone has a special gift and that a strong family requires everyone to contribute.

The reality star claimed she later used her mother’s two straightforward rules to create a successful firm with 1000 employees.

In addition, the Corcoran family got together before Christmas. The reality star lost her brother John in 2019, who died from natural causes in his hotel room in the Dominican Republic.

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