About Atlas Luxation: Death of Shanquella Robinson still a ‘mystery’

What does “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation” on Charlotte, North Carolina, businesswoman Shanquella Robinson’s death certificate actually mean?

Shanquella “Quella” Robinson passed away on November 9, 2022. It was initially reported by this outlet. However, news of her passing had already begun to circulate.

First on Facebook, then on Newsmaven’s Charlotte Alerts website, and finally on TikTok. Robinson’s family is quite justified in wanting to know what caused Quella’s tragic passing while she was on holiday in Cabo.

Shanquella Robinson
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To learn About Atlas Luxation, continue reading the article.

Details On Atlas Luxation: Cause Of Shanquella Robinson Death

According to Queen City News, Shanquella “Quella” Robinson’s death certificate lists “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation” as the cause of death.

According to the outlet, this is “instability in the uppermost vertebrae.” The term “luxation” refers to the movement of a bone within a joint or anatomical structure, such as the eye’s lens.

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Merriam-Webster offers these as examples. Atlas is the name of the first cervical vertebra (plural: atlases). Simply put, it is your spine’s tallest bone.

Its name comes from the mythical Greek Titan Atlas, who was forced to bear the world as an act of atonement. It can be found in the neck. The atlas bone supports the head.

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Atlas Luxation And Atlantoaxial Luxation Mean In Anatomical Terms

If “luxating” is the action of dislocating anything, then the phrase “atlas luxation” simply indicates that the top vertebra is out of place from its usual position. The atlas is the first bone in your spine.

In scientific literature, the terms “atlanto-axial dislocation” and “atlantoaxial luxation” appear to be more frequently employed. Because the axis, or second spinal vertebra, is so named, this is the case.

The atlas and axis are joined by the atlantoaxial joint. It is a pivoting joint that solely allows rotation. It would seem that if it rotated too much, “rotary luxation of the atlas” would happen.

Shanquella Robinson’s death, according to Queen City News, was attributed to “atlas luxation,” which means that something caused the top bone in her spine to move out of position.

Can Atlantoaxial Luxation Cause Death?

Death is not always the outcome of atlantoaxial dislocation or atlas luxation. In a literature review that appeared in the Global Spine Journal in 2014, the problem was described as “rare and potentially fatal.”

Without therapy, “permanent neurologic deficits or sagittal deformity,” which has to do with the spine’s straightness, may occur.

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The authors of the review claim that significant atlas luxation can result in neurological problems, respiratory failure, and even death if medical attention is not given to it.

They list additional issues as “vertebral artery damage and respiratory pain.” It’s vital to keep in mind, however, that the majority of atlas luxation or atlantoaxial dislocation cases, according to the data given above, are not caused by trauma.

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What Can Cause Atlas Luxation?

A purely traumatic atlantoaxial dislocation without a preexisting risk factor for predisposing is highly uncommon, according to the aforementioned publication.

The majority of the medical literature on atlas luxation concentrates on congenital conditions such as Down syndrome, skeletal dysplasia, Goldenhar syndrome, and Morquio syndrome, as well as inflammatory causes like those related to chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

According to reports, the group Shanquella Robinson was traveling with approached the concierge for help. After that, the concierge began performing CPR while scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

The post states that Quella died “15 minutes after her injuries.” Was it done on purpose or by mistake? According to a portion of her death certificate,

The straightforward “Yes” suggests that it is unclear if Shanquella Robinson’s atlas luxation, the death’s official cause, was caused by a physical attack or an accident.

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