About Andrea Russett’s Boyfriend Derek Vautrinot And Their Relationship

Derek Vautrinot, the boyfriend of Andrea Russett, plays drums for the band Chain of Islands. Derek and Andrea have been dating since September 2022.

Andrea is well-known for posting her music videos on YouTube. On YouTube, she has about 2.85 million subscribers.

She joined YouTube in 2008, and her music video has 35 million views. She has 6.1 million Instagram followers and is well-known on her other social media site.

She has also contributed to the films Sickhouse, Lovesick, and Expelled. Songs like “Darkest Hour,” “Get Out Alive,” “Freezing,” and “Stranger” are among those she has released.

She recently launched Twitch, a website where users stream lives video games. She was the youngest nationally syndicated radio broadcaster and worked on nightmare radio.

In 2018, she also revealed that she is bisexual and tweeted about it.

About Andrea Russett's Boyfriend Derek Vautrinot And Their Relationship
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Who Is Andrea Russett’s Boyfriend?

Since September 2022, Andrea Russett and Derek Vautrinot have been dating. From Boston, drummer Derek presently performs as a touring drummer.

According to HENDERSON’s ACADEMY OF MUSIC, he is relocating to Southern California to advance his musical career.

When he was 11 years old, he started learning to play the drums. When he was 16 years old, he embarked on his first tour. He used to tour during breaks from school until he could pursue music full-time.

He has performed in numerous US states and has adapted music from all genres. In addition, he performed at other festivals and went on an international tour of Japan, Canada, and Europe.

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Many artists, including Portugal, The Man, Bone Thugs, Harmony, We Came As Romans, and Four Year Strong, have performed openings by Derek.

He is also currently teaching his admirer how to play the drums and how to turn to play the drums into a full-time job.

As a traveling musician, Derek teaches more than simply drumming; he also teaches how to take care of one’s physique. He is also establishing a reputation as a drummer.

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Andrea And Derek Relationship Details

The drummer for the band Chain of Islands, which featured Andrea Russett, was Derek Vautrinot. They did not let their fans know about their romance throughout this period. They did post images of themselves cuddling up on stage.

Her supporters also praised her for obtaining the chance to perform live. Her performance was the major topic of the article; the couple’s fans did not comment on their cuddling.

Andrea posted a blurry photo of Andrea and Derek kissing on the balcony. No one would have recognized his face if she hadn’t tagged him.

She started seeing her current partner, Derek, less than a month after splitting up with her ex-boyfriend. Many of her fans and followers were happy for the new couple and wished them well. They’ve been seeing each other for four months.

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They celebrated their first Christmas together this year. Derek decorated a Christmas tree in a photo that Andrea shared.

The footage of them getting ready for the Christmas movie nights was also posted here. And provided a brief tour of her home while displaying her holiday decor.

The first new year they celebrated together was in 2023. Andrea displays a number of her photos, one of which features Derek.

They have been dating for a month, and they didn’t hesitate to post photos of themselves together on social media. They provide their fans and followers with some huge couple goals.

Details About Andrea Russett’s Past Relationship

Up to this point, Andrea Russett has been in six relationships. Cody Esquivel, her ex-boyfriend, recently called it quits.

The couple began dating in 2021; however, their relationship was brief. Cody is a well-known performer well remembered for his part in Teen Wolf. She dated Hunter Moreno for two years before to him.

She also dated Zane Hijazi in 2017, and following their breakup; she tweeted that she had no interest in dating. She met Hunter Moreno after a few months of tweeting that she was over her relationship, and she tweeted three days later.

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In addition, Andrea spent a year with Jack Gilinsky after dating Kenny Holland. For two years, she was in a relationship with Kenny Holland.

She also had a two-year relationship with Kian Lawley. She acknowledged spending around $1000 to advertise her selfie on Instagram so that it appears on her ex’s page, according to HoneyNine.

She spent $1,000 and had a tumultuous breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Cody Esquivel, making it impossible for him to avoid her.

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