Are Aaron Clancy And Genevieve Parisi Still Together?

Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi split up following the Bachelor in Paradise finale.

One of the most well-liked parodies of the venerable Bachelor series is the ABC dating program. The ninth episode of Bachelor in Paradise’s eighth season aired on Tuesday, October 25.

The cast members met up with their romantic partners on the island to see if they had remained faithful to them or had made new relationships while they were away from the beach. The events in this episode were numerous.

In some instances, old fires “died” down, but not always. The romance between Aaron and Genevieve and whether or not they stay together at the end of the most recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise season 8 are topics of interest to viewers. However, Aaron and Genevieve are in this circumstance.

Aaron Clancy And Genevieve Parisi
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Are Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi Still dating?

There are numerous reports that Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy are no longer dating. They remained a couple up until the end of the show, although they afterwards split up.

Aaron may also have found a new love interest, according to recent hints. Blogger Steve from Bachelor Nation, also known as Stephen Carbone, is well known for giving away information about almost every season of the current season of the program.

He also serves as the host of the Reality Steve podcast, which features episodes dedicated to anything Bachelor. Fans should be aware that, in contrast to the gossip blogger’s report, Aaron and Genevieve’s Instagram account does not now reflect either a happy marriage or a divorce.

Despite the viewers’ wishes for the duo to get along and their support, they ended up breaking up after the show due to personal problems. Aaron and Genevive, however, both appear happy and comfortable with their lives.

Timeline of Aaron and Genevieve’s Relationship

On the eighth season of Bachelor in Paradise, more than 40 other contestants competed alongside Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi. Throughout Clayton’s Bachelor season, Genevieve and Aaron faced criticism before the start of season eight of Bachelor in Paradise.

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Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi’s relationship was one of the most turbulent ones on Bachelor in Paradise. After Shanae Ankney was eliminated from the competition, Genevieve was charged with having a sexual relationship with Aaron.

Parisi’s sentiments towards Justin Glaze, with whom she had become close, changed when Aaron arrived. She was accused of hooking up with Aaron by an old competitor, Shanae Ankney, after she left the Women Tell All during Clayton Echard’s season.

She was told by Genevieve that this was untrue. In a pub, they ran into one another and exchanged pictures. Because of the rumor and the televised mention, Aaron Clancy came upon her. He knew he was going back to the beach, so he decided to ask Parisi out. They immediately began getting along.

Bachelor In Paradise Contestant Aaron And Genevieve

Rehoboth, Massachusetts’ Genevieve, a bartender, is 27 years old. In the week seven voting for The Bachelor season 26’s elimination, she and Clayton Echard tied for tenth place. Throughout the entire season, Genevieve and Shanae Ankney participated in drama.

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Genevieve described herself as a “Bartender” on The Bachelor. After Hishop Feehan High School in Attleboro, Massachusetts, she went to the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

Aaron is a 28-year-old insurance salesman with a base in San Diego, California. He was battling Katie Thurston until he was dumped from The Bachelorette season 17 in week five.

He also participated in season seven of Bachelor in Paradise, when he spent the first half of week six with Tia Booth, an Arie Luyendyk Jr. competitor from season 22 of The Bachelor.

Since February 2019, Aaron has been employed by Health IQ, a company that offers health, life, and car insurance. On The Bachelorette, Aaron introduced himself as a “Insurance Agent.” Despite neither of them winning the contest, the two competed in the Bachelor finale.

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