Model and television personality Maddi Reese is 25 years old. In Southern Hospitality, Maddi will appear.

A new Bravo series that follows 10 VIP hostesses, concierges, bartenders, and servers at Leva Bonaparte’s well-known Charleston restaurant will premiere on November 28.

The cast members are all buddies, and reality television gives us a glimpse into their daily lives while filming. They frequently get into amusing romantic scenarios that keep viewers glued to reality television programs.

Leva Boneparte’s newest program, Southern Hospitality, will focus on her upscale eatery. One of the crew members working with Leva is Maddi, and she will participate in a few cheeky scenarios on the light of recent occurrences.

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What Is Maddi Reese’s Age And Net Worth?

Maddi Reese is 25 years old right now. She was born in the United States on August 22, 1997, is an American citizen and has spent most of her life there.

She chooses a career that earns her a respectable living. Her estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million, per Metoyouinfo.

Likewise, the net worth ranges of her cast members are comparable. The estimated net worth of Emily Sharrett from Southern Hospitality is $2 million.

Image Source: Celebs – FilmiFeed

Reese has been Leva’s employee for more than four years. Before working at Leva, she also served at two other restaurants.

She started as a waiter at Bourbon N’ Bubbles, Leva’s former restaurant, and later formed as the VIP Manager at Republic. When she’s not managing VIPs, she works as a DJ.

At a club in Charleston, Maddi is employed as a DJ. She has had a lot of professional success. She earns a good living from her job, and her net worth will only rise in the upcoming years.

Relationship Between Reese And Her Ex Boyfriend Wyatt Asbury

From 2015 until 2017, Wyatt Asbury, Maddi Reese’s ex-boyfriend, and they were openly dating. In 2017, she wished Wyatt a happy third anniversary and shared a photo of them on Instagram.

Maddi has moved on but hasn’t taken down the post about hugging Wyatt, her ex-boyfriend. Wyatt looks to be dating his new girlfriend, based on his Instagram.

Image Source: The Cinemaholic

Even though they have both moved on from one another, Reese and Wyatt still seem to get along well and be friends.

On his Instagram account, Wyatt has numerous images of his ex-girlfriend. On their social media sites, Maddi and Reese have left all of the pictures of one another in place.

Demonstrates that they still get along and occasionally show affection for one another. While Wyatt looks to be preoccupied with his own life, Maddi is devoted to her work.

According to Asbury’s Instagram account, he appears to be developing a clothing line and has about 800 followers.

Will Maddi Reese Feature In Southern Hospitality?

In the most recent Bravo show presented by Leva Bonaparte of Southern Charm, Maddi Reese appears alongside a number of other cast members.

The program is hosted by the local boss-lady, Leva. At Republic Garden & Lounge, she oversees her staff of workers. Leva and her husband Lamar are the owners of four restaurants on the city’s well-known King Street.

However, Republic is the crowning achievement of their bars and restaurants.Reese has joined the Southern Hospitality cast, which already includes ten other actors.

The show stars Emmy Sharrett, Mia Alario, Will Kulp, Leva Bonaparte, Mikel Simmons, Grace Lilly, Bradley Carter, Joe Bradley, Lucia Pena, and TJ Dinch among other performers.

The performance ensemble is frequently seen jockeying for front-row seats, which adds to the drama. The audience is kept interested in the show, which is interesting.

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