10 Players In LIV Golf And Their Contract Breakdown
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The Open 2022, one of the most significant golf events, has begun, and the fans are more than eager to watch their favorite golfer compete. In addition, the 14th through the 17th of July are the dates for the European Tour, which has a purse of $14,000,000.

The public is currently unrest due to the LIV Golf tour scandal. The LIV circuit, which Saudi Arabia supports, has seized the opportunity and spent millions on some of the best golfers in the world. Numerous famous players have accepted the offers, but the British Open organizer is upset about the situation.

Martin Slumbers, the R&A’s CEO, said following the incident, “Professional golfers have the right to select their venue and accept any prize money that is presented to them. Absolutely nothing about that bothers me. However, there are no free meals in life.”

The new LIV Golf series, he continued, is “totally motivated by money” and “not in the best long-term interests of the sport.” Nevertheless, he continues, “examine our exemptions and eligibility criteria,” which suggests that the Open organizers have been considering changing the rules in the upcoming years.

For participating in the first LIV tournament, 17 PGA members have been suspended. Top athletes including Martin Kaymer, Richard Bland, Ian Poulter, Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, and Sergio Garcia have been hampered by the ban thus far.

The golf enthusiasts only seem to be at sixes and sevens after the feud between the two top-notch golf series, LIV Golf and Open. However, here is a list of the top five Liv Golf players you must miss.

10. Ian Poulter

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Ian Poulter, a professional golfer from England, is currently rated 96th by the OWGR rankings, but he has reached the top five worldwide. He’s one of the athletes who signed up for LIV Golf, although he’s presently competing in the British Open.

Saudi Arabia reportedly made Poulter a £22 million offer to join their golf circuit. Golfer, 46, speaks before the LIV Golf Invitational competition. “I consider myself a professional golfer. Since I was 24 years ago. I’ve held various cards, competed on numerous Tours, and played on the European Tour since 1999 and the PGA Tour since 2004. I have performed at events worldwide, and I still do.”

“I enjoy it, I love playing golf, and I love the chance LIV allows us to play a little less golf, which enables me to be more rested and prepared to go. It’s a huge opportunity that I am really anticipating.”

“I believe there is much more involved than just the money.”

9. Phil Mickelson

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According to the OWGR rankings, professional golfer from the United States Phil Mickelson, often known as “Lefty,” is rated 84th. He is presently competing for The Open 2022 and has joined the LIV Golf circuit, according to The Sporting News, with a deal worth allegedly approximately $200 million.

Additionally, he expressed his motivation for joining LIV Golf and begged forgiveness in light of the turmoil currently roiling the new golf tour. First and foremost, I want to extend another apology to all the people I offended and injured with my remarks a few months ago, he wrote in a tweet.

After 32 years, he continued, “This new road is a fresh start, one that is exciting for me at this stage of my career and is transformative, not just for myself, but ideally for the game and my colleagues.” He then said he was ready to return to playing the game he loved.

“I am excited to start with LIV Golf and grateful to everyone who is involved. I also want to play in the big leagues.”

8. Patrick Reed

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American golfer Patrick Reed, 31, has signed up with LIV Golf for a new series. He just competed in The Open Championship and is ranked 39 on the list by OWGR.

According to ESPN, the Masters champion has joined the LIV Golf series, which Saudi Arabia sponsors. While maintaining mum for the time being about his contract, Reed has dismissed claims that he will receive millions of dollars for the new Golf series.

In his decades of playing on the PGA Tour, he has amassed approximately $37 million in winnings.

Additionally, Reed said: “The return of team golf is welcome. I’m transported back to my undergraduate days and the Ryder Cup. You’re playing for your team over there and their togetherness, not just for yourself.”

“I’m looking forward to watching more golf.”

7. Talor Gooch

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Talor Gooch, an American professional golfer who was just added to the British Open playing list, has signed a contract with the new LIV Golf series. According to the OWGR ranking, he is rated 38.

In the LIV Golf Invitational Series competition, each player has a purse of $25 million, $5 million of which will go to the team. The player has come under fire for the LIV Golf Stars.

He answered, “It’s hard enough playing golf; I’m not that brilliant. In addition, I play golf, so I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t know that much. I make an attempt to drive a golf ball into a little hole. I try not to think about golf, and I’m looking forward to this week.”

6. Kevin Na

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Kevin Na, a Korean American professional golfer, is currently ranked 33 on the OWGR. The champion left the PGA Tour and signed up for the Saudi-finance LIV Golf Invitational with about $25 million.

Making the dissolution of the deal official, “Making this choice was extremely challenging for me. However, I hope my supporters will stick by me no matter where I decide to play. I’m grateful.”

He tweeted: “I’ve been a member of the PGA Tour for 19 years, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. However, I want to be able to play wherever I choose, and being a free agent provides me with the chance to accomplish that.”

“I regretfully announce that I have decided to leave the PGA Tour. Making this choice has not been simple, and I do not take it lightly.”

“Please keep an eye out for LIV Golf for the time being. I hope you appreciate the buzz this innovative new product brings to golf. It is an exciting new product.”

5. Bryson Dechambeau

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Bryson Dechambeau, an American golfer who has won eight PGA Tour tournaments, has joined the Saudi LIV Golf. He comes in at number 31 on the OWGR ranking.

He reportedly agreed to a more than $100 million contract with LIV Golf. The PGA Tour is a crucial component of professional golf, and Bridgestone has a sports marketing partnership with this obvious circuit of events, the company said in regards to Bryson’s choice, according to GOLF.com.

Bridgestone and Bryson DeChambeau have decided to dissolve their brand ambassador engagement because Bryson will no longer be taking part in these events.

“I’m not going to discuss the details; I mean, for what’s reported, it’s somewhat close. It’s a 4 1/2 year agreement, I can absolutely tell you that, and a lot of it was upfront, which is nice,” he said after opening up in the podcast.

4. Abraham Ancer

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Abraham Ancer, a Mexican-American professional golfer, has agreed to a silent-amount contract with LIV Golf Portland Invitational. According to the OWGR rankings, he is ranked number 22 and has a history of winning many competitions and championships.

Abraham spoke about his recent golfing excursion “The quality of life was the main issue. It’s a complete no-brainer if I remove emotion from the situation and just look at it from a businessman’s perspective.”

Added he, “Clearly, we are competing for larger sums of Money. No matter where you play, it would be a deception to enter tournaments without checking the prize pools. It’s advantageous that I can do that and have more time because I’m playing in less events each week.”

3. Louis Oosthuizen

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OWGR’s number 21-ranked professional golfer from South Africa, Louis Oosthuizen, has a contract with LIV Golf. The champion records indicate that he has a sizable amount for the next series.

The golfer mentioned, “With all the hubbub around the LIV Golf and his deal with it, “I believe the participants know the main points. But, unfortunately, there is just so much politics involved because (it’s) about golf and playing.”

“I fail to see why not. I mean, I’ve already decided where I want to play, and I’m appreciative of all the PGA Tour has done for me and for my professional development. I really don’t understand what everyone is talking about. We all put a lot of effort into being here and playing in this fantastic event, so that is what we will be concentrating on this week.”

2. Brooks Koepka

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Brooks Koepka, an American professional golfer, held the number one spot for 47 weeks in 2018 and is currently ranked 19th in the OWGR rankings. He terminated the agreement with seven figures while diving into the LIV Golf.

For the time being, it is assumed that Brroks has a comparable fortune to Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau. He declared, “Money is irrelevant. It is not a critical matter. I simply want to be content. I won’t be content with Money. I simply want to compete with the best.”

“Even if someone gave me $200 million tomorrow, my life wouldn’t be changed. What will I get from it, exactly? I already have the means to retire today, but I choose not to. All I want to do is play golf.

1. Dustin Johnson

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Dustin Johnson, an American professional golfer, left the PGA Tour to sign a partnership with LIV Golf. The player has also been included in the list of T31 competitors for the British Open in 2022.

He was ranked number 17 by OWGR, but his move to LIV Golf startled his fans the most as he spoke about his complete dedication to the PGA Tour. He stated at that time, “I believe the moment has come to put such rumors to rest. I have given the PGA Tour my all.”

He has a $150 million contract with LIV Golf, as was revealed in the Telegraph.

Tiger Woods Reacts To LIV Golfers

Tiger Woods, who turned down the LIV Golf offer, responded to the players by accepting the agreement in this drama-filled golf series. But, he declared, “I disagree with playing there… They have abandoned what has given them the opportunity to be in this situation.”

Tiger enquired, “What are these athletes doing for Money that is guaranteed? What motivates people to practice?”

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