10 Highest Paid Female DJ And Their Net Worth Revealed
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The highest-paid female DJ in the world, Paris Hilton, has a $300 million fortune.

DJs are currently among the most prominent and creative artists in the music industry, and the job is continually evolving.

Some DJs are wealthier than the most prominent singers worldwide, such as Calvin Harris, who makes almost $50 million annually. Considering the financial numbers, it is not surprising that the popularity of disc jockeys has increased dramatically in recent years. And many women, in addition to men, also earn well from the job.

Due to the money they make from DJing; many female musicians are becoming well-known in the field and leading prosperous lives. This essay uses music to illustrate the riches of those feminine characters who live abundant lives.

But keep in mind that women are still fighting for their rights in this field; thus, there aren’t exact financial statistics for all the top performers.

Nevertheless, based on the information that is currently accessible, we have compiled a list of the top 10 female DJs in the world according to their net worth in 2022.

1. Paris Hilton

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With a $300 million net worth, Paris Hilton is the highest-paid female DJ in the world. She receives a $1 million compensation for each DJ appearance.

The American woman claims to be the highest-paid DJ in the world, and according to Finance Yahoo, she earns a whopping $1 million or more for each appearance.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is the wealthiest female DJ in the world, which also confirms her $300 million net worth.

But other things besides her DJing gigs have also contributed to her enormous wealth. The woman, 5 feet 8 inches tall, is a socialite, businesswoman, model, and social media celebrity. Because of the diversity of her income sources, she has amassed a sizable wealth.

Even still, her $1 million per party earnings make her the highest-paid female artist, surpassing any other DJ appearances.


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The twin twins from Australia who go by NERVO have a net worth of $54 million.

According to CA Knowledge, the pair makes about $5 million annually. It comprises Olivia and Miriam Nervo, twin sisters who had an early interest in music and began performing in conjunction with record deals at a young age.

They gained notoriety in 2008 thanks to the smash track When Love Takes Over and have been involved in the music business ever since as DJs and performers.

They frequently travel to different cities for performances and profit considerably from their endeavors.


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DJ SODA is estimated to be worth $17.8 million. According to Net Worth Spot, SODA, a South Korean DJ, earns roughly $3.57 million yearly.

According to Wikipedia, DJ SODA, real name Hwang So-hee, is from South Korea and has established herself at numerous Asian music festivals.

In addition to performing as a DJ, she began her musical career in 2013 and has since released some tracks.

Due to her enormous fame and stardom, SODA has built up a multi-million dollar fortune throughout her nearly ten-year professional career.

SODA, a well-known brand in Asian music festivals, took up the Indie Artist prize at the 2019 Korea Hallyu Awards.

4. Alison Wonderland

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A $15 million fortune can be attributed to Alison Wonderland. She is a DJ and producer of EDM from Australia.

Although the amount of her income is still a mystery, it is evident that the woman earns a respectable living from her employment, given her fame and amassed fortune.

Wonderland published her debut album, Run, in 2015 despite being involved in the music business since 2008; the album reached its highest position at number six and received a gold certification from ARIA, according to Wikipedia.

Alison’s second album debuted at the top of Billboard’s list of the best dance/electronic albums, and in October 2018, DJ Mag listed her as the number 96 DJ in the world.

There is no denying that the woman is one of the world’s most well-known and well-paid female musicians with her accomplishments and awards.

5. Anja Schneider

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Anja Schneider has a $14 million net worth. She is a producer and DJ from Germany.

According to Digital Net Worth, the woman also receives a yearly compensation from her DJing gigs that ranges from $300k to $700k. However, in the absence of formal confirmation, it is still unclear whether the claimed amount has a specific value.

The long-time music industry participant resides in Berlin and is also a radio host, label owner, and mentor. The woman works in various industries, generating cash from numerous sources, and she probably has a sizable fortune at her disposal.

According to Soundcloud, Schneider received an award from The Berlin Music Commission in 2021 for having “an remarkable impact on the music landscape.”

6. Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens EXHALE
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Amelie Lens, DJ and electronic music producer from Belgium, has a $10 million fortune. According to Net Worth Envy, she earns a salary of almost $1 million every year.

Despite having established a wide range of interests in the subject at a young age, Lens, who was born and raised in Vilvoorde, Flemish Region of Belgium, didn’t begin pursuing a career in music until she was in her thirties.

After quitting her job in the fashion industry, Amelie made her music debut in 2014. Before that, she worked in the fashion industry for almost eight years.

In addition, she is the founder and owner of the Lenske record label. The woman’s primary sources of income are her employment as a DJ and her side businesses.


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On the list of the highest-paid female DJs, DJ MANDY holds the seventh spot with a net worth of about $10 million.

There is no question that the Belgian woman earns a respectable living from her employment, even though the formal certification of her wealth and salary figure is presently shrouded in mystery.

Even so, the 24-year-old hardstyle music specialist has at least five years of experience in the music industry.

Her involvement is evident when looking at her Instagram and other online profiles because she frequently participates in different concerts and musical activities.

8. Monika Kruse

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A well-known female DJ with a $7.5 million fortune is Monika Kruse.

She is a musician with a 25-year career based in Berlin, Germany. And the singer has enjoyed his most successful years in the commercial music industry.

According to Wikipedia, Kruse began her career in the 1990s and was one of the first German musicians to tour abroad for concerts.

She has been actively interested in music for decades and founded the Terminal M record label around 2000. We continue to see that Monika has a respectable amount of income at her disposal, thanks to a long career and numerous musical endeavors.

However, without direct confirmation, there are rumors that she is worth at least $7.5 million.

9. Deborah De Luca

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Italian dance and electronic music DJ Deborah De Luca has a $7 million fortune.

Her decades-long career illustrates her popularity and stardom among the public, even though the media and outsiders are still in the dark about her income.

People adore her work because she has more than 2 million Instagram followers, and they frequently attend her performances.

She also frequently shares videos of herself DJing in different settings on social media, which gives us a sense of her fan base and skill.

Even though there is no formal confirmation, we would anticipate Deborah to have a respectable amount of riches at her disposal, given these achievements and fame.

10. DJ Anna

3028 new release forgotten by dj anna is out now
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DJ Anna, real name Anna Miranda, has a $4 million fortune. One of the most well-known dance/electronic musicians is Anna.

The legendary DJ, 37, who was born and raised in Brazil, has over 371k Instagram followers. She has performed frequently at numerous musical events and concerts for many years. In addition, she has been active in the music industry for a long time.

Despite the lack of formal confirmation, the woman probably enjoys fabulous riches thanks to her international renown and several musical endeavors.

Countless numbers of people enjoy her shows and melodies. She also engages in sponsorship deals and other business activities, which contribute to her respectable wealth accumulation.

Our list of the top 10 female DJs with the most significant salaries and estimated net worths is complete. Remember that the women DJs on the list can access wealth estimates and statistics online.

Therefore, additional musicians with the higher worth may exist and might be included on the list. However, we have omitted them because their fortune’s specifics remain a secret.

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